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  1. so I have an issue with my s13 (sr20), not sure as to what it is went to drop it off at the workshop the other day, started fine when I took it off the trailer & then a couple of hours later no go. no ignition at all, fuel pump doesn't prime, gauges don't light up, nothing basically the little clock in the dash is still there but im not sure that means anything... the battery is only just new so that's not the issues (terminals are also good), first time its ever had an issue like this im thinking its fuse related? but yeah any idea's/help appreciated cheers
  2. ah yeah sweet, might stick with the hicas rear end thats already in my car then thanks komen
  3. as topic suggests, is there really that much difference in the grip level with a non hicas as opposed to a hicas subframe with a lock bar? trying to work out if its worth doing or not... cheers
  4. Gossy's 400kw RB30 S13 build...tassie style!

    okaaayyy, so I've been heaps lazy of late lol but made a little progress, got rid of all the seam sealant in the cabin/engine bay/boot. just got underneath the car to go (royal bitch of a job!!) purchasing myself a welder/pipe bender next week, so plan is to build a rotisserie to get to the underneath of the car & then sort out cage/front end...so as of next week should be able to update abit more often haaa what are peoples thoughts on front ends anyway? just do the tubs? or tubs/tube the front end with a bolt in radiator support to make it easier when the engine has to come out?
  5. S15 Rolling Shell?

    haha, im putting an rb30 in my s15...single cam yo although its built & makes 400kw but still haa
  6. Wtb: S15 Stuff - $1,000

    Price : $1,000 Condition : Used hey guys, have an s15 bare shell at the moment which I need to get rolling & im after the following: -Rear subframe with stock arms, hubs (don't need the brakes) -Engine crossmember, lca's, steering rack, std tie rods/ends, hubs, std knuckles etc -Doors -Headlights -Boot lid that's all that comes to mine, but need to get it rolling asap as it says, im in Tassie but i'll be coming to melb soon via the boat so if your in vic I can pick stuff up let me know what you've got cheers
  7. Will r32 gtst driveshafts bolt up to an s13 5bolt diff & slide through an s13 hub? I think their bigger from memory but wasn't sure
  8. Fuel pump for s13 Sr20det

    ive got a bosch 040 in mine, been in there for yrs...no issues what so ever good for up to 500hp from memory? was $210 when i bought it, may be cheaper now tho
  9. stronger rear end for s13?

    ah yep, so gtr diff cant be welded? im assuming what i was told was correct? in that case, i'll just stick with my current rear end & just carry spares haha
  10. stronger rear end for s13?

    have access to r32 gtst diff & driveshafts locally, im guessing would be more then capable for anything sub 300kw?
  11. so basically getting more power soon (around the 260kw mark) & 25box so figure may aswell upgrade diff/driveshafts aswell haha so i know r33 driveshafts will bolt in fine with a 5bolt diff question being what are my options as far as diffs go? im told you cant weld a gtr diff? what about a r32/r33 diff? can you weld those? before its mention, wont consider a 2way or whatever..weldy or the highway lol cheers
  12. Some times gets used

    haha this also happens to me cant get motivated to work on the car without drinking a few beers sometimes its more fun to get wasted lol
  13. Some times gets used

    yeah symmons is mad fun i wasnt gunna drift this year, but i like driving symmons more then basky so yeah haha
  14. Some times gets used

    f**k yeah looks tuff dude, keep the kit & wing on there
  15. Some times gets used

    haha nah only like 2 weeks? yeah not sure where you could get one locally i guess just post in those fb groups & hope for the best lol tried barnzy?