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  1. Shed clean out, off my 180sx, have been unused for about 8 years. No issues when using them. To be honest not sure what brand the front suspension is (or even if it's the stock suspension). $100 for all 4 pieces.
  2. Just fixing the old girl up after being defected and have removed my EBC (profec B spec II). Now, I'm having a problem with the car continually stalling when idling and was wondering if it was due to me not having hooked something back up that I should have. In the pic there's this thing on the turbo side of the engine bay with two nipples, both with covers on them (1&2). As I didn't install the EBC I wasn't sure if they needed some form of vacuum line to them. Also, at (3) there are two nipples pointing straight up that have nothing going to them. Just wondering if I'm missing something. Also, on a side note, I have removed my BOV and it's now running without one, I'm not sure if that would affect it. Thanks for your help.
  3. Car stalling

    Secondary to me being a jackarse, I've just discovered that the vacuum line in the pic below is actually not connected to anything... does anyone know where it should be heading to?
  4. Car stalling

    It came off my intercooler pipe on the hot side (Trust v-spl cooler, it has an attachment for a BOV) so I just took it off and plugged that up with a stopper and the vacuum line that was running to it I just removed (it was part of a 3 way connector that I changed to 2).
  5. Hey team, anyone know of a place to get a mirror cut for my driver's side mirror? Just some cheapo cash job. Best I've found is $50, making it cheaper just to buy the whole unit, cheers, Patrick
  6. Driver's side mirror

    Cheers for the replies, Unley Glass did it for $30, need to tkae your mirror off though and drop it into them for 24 hours as they glue it on for you. (was for a 180)
  7. Hey guys, after some: - stock s13 rear suspension - drivers side mirror - little plastic part of the dash that goes under the steering wheel (have my EBC very well attached to it currently) just to borrow, cheers
  8. Hey team, was removing my EBC today due to getting defected, and came across this in the left side of the engine bay near where the EBC was mounted. Now I'm not actually sure what it's for, but more importantly I wanted to know if I need to connect anything up to it now that the EBC's gone. There's two nipples with covers on them at the moment (one pointing up, one pointing to the firewall) and I also noticed there's two nipples below it (pointing up in the picture) that are uncovered... In removing the EBC, which is a profec b, I disconnected the two hoses that were running to the solenoid and joined them together (so the vacuum hose now runs from the actuator to some triple connection point) thanks for your help.
  9. What is this?

    Nice, thanks. Can anyone point me in the direction of what needs to be hooked up to where?
  10. Hey team, I'm after a well recommended workshop to chuck the 180 on a dyno and tune a Profec B with a gt28rs. Had it done ages ago at a reputable joint, but after fiddling around with it myself recently found I can make it more responsive and reach about the same boost level without spiking, but rather than tune it myself on the roads would rather someone else do it... so, anyone very happy with their profec b's performance/confident in a workshops ability to tune them? Don't bother bad mouthing places either, just after positive experiences. cheers, Patrick.
  11. Hey team, few months ago I remember a local selling Nissan badges for 180 bonnets etc for about $15, lived out north I think... had mine pinched recently in the school holidays. Anyone know who was selling them? Cheers, Patrick
  12. The Adelaide Casino

    yeah you're right, more small cards in the deck i.e. 32 less tens, means the dealer is more likely to make a total than bust... also, the dealer hits on soft 17 e.g. A+6, A+2+4, and is likely to make a greater total. I always tell customers they're better off playing blackjack...
  13. The Adelaide Casino

    I've been a dealer/inspector at the cas for the last 5 years, the invitation to the grange room upstairs could be true. if you bet consistently large amounts over a period of time, even in a day, a VIP staff member MAY give you a temporary card to get in upstairs, but you have to keep up a massive turnover to become a permanent member. if your mate only had 100 to gamble with in the beginning there's no chance he'll keep that membership... and as for the $0-100,000 claim, definite BS. Biggest BJ table is $100 min and $5000 max and roulette max on a straight up is $400. I suppose you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story...
  14. Hey guys, was just after an opinion of those more electronically minded than myself... My LHS headlight is stuck on high beam permanently, so when i turn my lights on, the LHS has only high beam and the RHS is normal. I have changed the bulbs recently, as I thought this could be the problem but to no avail. I noticed last night when I was driving that at times the LHS light would switch from high beam to normal for a short period of time, then back again, was thinking perhaps there is a loose wire somewhere... Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
  15. 180sx Headlight Issue

    negative on the indicator stalk being the issue... even when i manually move the contacts etc the LHS high beam stays on... so it's somewhere further down the track, where will i find the relays? and is there a specific 'high beam' fuse? i had a look at the LH & RH H/LAMP fuses, not damaged at all...
  16. The engine I have lined up is completely bare, no manifolds, injectors, turbo etc, so was wondering what I will need to purchase when I'm fitting all my old parts back on... so far I'm thinking: - gaskets (intake/exhaust manifold) - oil / oil filter - coolant Also, if i'm replacing the rocker cover with my current one, is there a gasket I should get for that too? thanks guys Patrick
  17. Putting a bare SR20 in

    is there a gasket i'd need when taking my water pump off my old engine and putting it in the new one?
  18. Putting a bare SR20 in

    thanks for the advice guys... turbo is a gt28rs, 10,000k's or so old, water pump is only 5000k's old...
  19. i run mine on stock injectors, but you'll have to keep the boost down - once you put in new injectors you'll need a new computer too = $$$$
  20. Belair auto electrical are decent, fair cheap too for most things
  21. you got all the parts you need for repair? i've got a few things lying around...
  22. hey guys... when i put my 180sx lights on low beam, the LHS light turns on but it is on high beam while the RHS light does nothing, then when on high beam both come on high...anyone know what's going on? fuses are fine thanks, Patrick
  23. Climate Control Backlight....

    a lot of people complain of this problem, i've got the same problem with my digital climate control in my 180, when looking at it, the left side isn't lit, there are a few threads about it, general concensus is that it's expensive to buy the globes and fiddly to fit
  24. about to put my coilovers in, but cannot undo the nut that goes through the bottom of the strut and onto the brake setup - any advice from anyone? i've sprayed it repeatedly with lubricating fluid etc but wont budge... i think the problem could be i cant get enough leverage, due to the height it's at. Am contemplating taking it to a workshop just so they can undo it once, then do it back up so i can get it off, any other ideas??