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  1. How did the car survive that little adventure
  2. Failure to Give Way

    This. And those who can't merge in to traffic at the correct speed. Of course you can't fit in to a small gap when you're doing 65 and the traffic you are entering in to is doing 100, douche bag. +1 If I can merge onto the freeway at 110 in my 1200cc 40 year old Corolla then ANYONE can
  3. same here, not returning to work until 11 Jan FTW
  4. Did you happen to notice whether it had a black bumper by chance??

    White R33 with black rear bar in the Lobethal/Charleston area. Your driving is total faggottry and has been giving me the shits for some time!! I just witnessed another episode of said driving and now its really getting on my nerves. Please slow down and also adjust your driving style - you are not impressing anyone
  6. RIP supra owner.

    Gotta love how they have already decided it was Turbo..... its most likely N/A. I have no sympathy for someone who drives like that
  7. clem smith autos fire

    cool story bro I award you one internets
  8. WTF Speed Camera

    Im aware they conduct these on the fixed camera on the corner of Churchill and Regency as i see them all the time but this was a mobile unit parked by the side of the road. So do they still conduct said testing on the mobile units? I was taking a photo of a fixed camera car one day down South, as there were two placed in a row!! I was going to send the picture into the paper... or something. Nothing like getting two fines for the one event hey?? Anyway, when I went to drive off the operator made the flash go off - he obviously thought I was a smart arse for taking a pic and wanted to 'scare' me into thinking I was going to get a fine. Bit hard when I was probably doing 20ks an hour. In your case it was probably a test of the flash to make sure it was working. Either that or the operator was bored.....
  9. speed camera question

    I nearly fell off my chair in disbelief!! Good post son +1
  10. 2010 / 2011 Bushfire Season

    I live in the hills and did the planning for this last year. I moved all of our important documents, photos, insurance documents, anything that I deemed very important and difficult to replace to my parents house in the suburbs. I had a kit (two plastic tubs) full of clothes etc for basic survival in the worst case scenario that the whole house and all the contents were lost. This would allow us at least something to wear for a week or two. I packed the car with these items the night before where the forecast was for catastrophic fire risk. I went off to work and my wife and child left the home for the day and came down to the suburbs. There was one day where I returned to the house after work and there was a fire nearby. I left early even though the fire never got close. I probably wasted my time leaving but f**k it I'm still here. I also stayed very close to the CFS website pretty much all day on days of catastrophic fire risk. The way I see it we are not prepared enough to stay and defend and we have insurance. Houses can be replaced, lives can't.
  11. Batteries aren't as cheap as they used to be Stop being a tightass
  12. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    That is a very Mexican JZX
  13. Dogs

    You are going to hate yourself for eternity for getting something with Beagle in it. They are assholes, dig up and eat everything including plants. Get bored very easily. Enjoy your life
  14. wow How freakin hard is it

    Thankyou Do the hard yards for a few years in a cheaper place, pay off some of it, do it up and then sell it for the house you really can afford and want