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  1. Your new years resolution?

    - pay off car loan (it's under 10k now) - sell the MX5 and get a new car.... a more "family friendly" car - save up so once we sell this house we can build a new one - lose about 8kg - find a job closer to where we are going to move to
  2. The WTF do we call it thread

    Sunday night has to be the worst night of the week.... unless it's a long weekend.
  3. The WTF do we call it thread

    hi!! How was your Holiday!! the photos all look very good!! I wish I had the money to go overseas... stupid Mortgage! I did get a 4% pay rise that starts Jan 1st though!
  4. The WTF do we call it thread

    I hope he and the passenger are ok.
  5. What's your porn star name?

    ok well we owned two rabbits SnugglePot and Snowflake so mine would be SungglePot Kelso or Snowflake Kelso
  6. Things to do before you die.

    - Travel to NZ, UK, Canada and the USA - Get Married - Have Children, 1 or 2 - Build a home.... that way you get it the way you want - Take a photography course Not much else really..... to make it easier I would also like to win lotto!
  7. bel garage any good?

    Chappy here (cant be stuffed logging bubbley out) Bel Garage spent about 3 months trying to figure out why they could not get any pump (they changed it twice) to work properly in my car, they had NFI but they still charged me for the time they spent. During this time they hardly called me back or answered the phone. Even after this farce, they tuned my engine way too lean which fried my spark plugs while i was in the middle of nowhere (expensive tow home) and they had to tune it back. I later found out that my pistons were pitted because of their shonky tune (it was a freshly built engine before they touched it). They wasted my time, money and ruined my car.
  8. Alternative Parties To Vote For This Election

    :edit: Woops, forgot to change accounts again, this is Chappy posting, not Bubbley. I also think it is laughable that you need a gun licence to own a paintball marker, and paintball pistols are 100% illegal.