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  1. Stretched Tyres

    i'm guessing you have less profile on the 18's! there aren't many 225/45 in 18's but there are plenty 225/40,35 so it results in even more stretch and less sidewall which is why you're probably loosing alot of grip when you power out or you've transfered too much weight to the rear tyres where as when you were on 17's you had the extra profile/sidewall for it to give you that bit of flex to grip a little more my recommendation is to go for 245/45 if you're running a stiff suspension set up otherwise soften up your rear suspension
  2. Stretched Tyres

    well the reason why i stretch my tyres is for it to break out easier and when it does the car is alot more flat because there is no sidewall flex! and what happens when you limit sidewall flex? you end up working your tread harder don't you? and when you work your tread harder what happens? do the maths can anyone tell me why this guy is loosing grip? here's a hint, there's not much to do with tyre width
  3. Stretched Tyres

    you scretch you loose grip it's that simple, that's why drifters stretch their tyres! if you look at the time attack cars at super lap the smallest size tyre i saw on a 10 inch was 265
  4. Towing Questions

    we towed a r32 gtr from qld to sa with a land cruiser prado turbo diesil and it was pretty good! didn't struggle much up hill
  5. Hi

    hi dude welcome! got any pics of your r33?
  6. this is getting interesting! grabs popcorn
  7. skylines, the life of owning one.

    yeah it's worth making your car look presentable so the cops have nothing to pull you over for but at the end of the day they still do!
  8. Towing Questions

    yeah we only had the petrol
  9. New guy, first post

    welcome man
  10. KE70 - Advice

    that's not bad power
  11. fast fours photo shoot

    congrats and nice pics dude
  12. Time for new tyres

    yeah they're pretty bang for buck i reckon
  13. Towing Questions

    i tried to tow a boat with a mates suzuki and it wasn't very good! felt like a lack of torque