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  1. Another Bike Learner

    Mate if you can try to get 250cc + the 125cc would be fun to boot around town but if you going to do some serious distance the poor thing will start to sweat like a paedophile at wiggles concert. Keep in mind if you looking in used market keep in mind that any thing around 20.000ks will be coming up close for new chain, sprockets, brakes, tyres and many more pricey surprises. The KS aren’t real problem on most bike if maintained properly but you can use it to you advantage when negotiating. I put once over 40.000Ks on Cbr250rr and close to 70,000ks on my CBR1000RR I would still own it if not for work accident that rendered my spine almost useless, mate of my got over 340.000ks on one of his triumphs.
  2. Another Bike Learner

    from all this i would pick the GT250r if you can drop price it to around $3500 - $3800 it would be good buy 2010 it should be EFI to so, i think they around $5000 new that could be the way to go. That Gs500 is way over prices i picked one up for my brother 2007-08 the F model with 1500ks for just bit over $5000 with 1 year rego and from bike shop to, this guy is dreaming you can offer him $3000 tops with reg and RWC. zzr-250 is to price for the age. All this bikes are good to start on but try to drop the prices a bit market is saturated and lots of people need to sale.
  3. Another Bike Learner

    There is many bike to pick from sv 650 is a sweet bike but bit pricey for what they are have a look at Suzuki GS500f they have just bit more power than 250s but hips more torque good for highway work. Even the new Hyosung bike are real nice and well-priced, and super cheap to fix if you drop it. The other thing if you want to save money by commuting on the motorcycle makes shore that you can service it yourself or you may find they are quite expensive to own. If I want to service my bike at dealers they wanted $300 for oil change every 6000ks $400 for spark plugs change every 12ks + oil $300 $600 for rear tyre got lucky and got it for$240 on special did 9000ks 24.000ks service about $1000 with valve clearance check but that’s for M109R and they pricey to run yes you can save money as long you can work on them yourself. Best you can do is buy cheap bike to learn on that way if you don’t like it you want loose too much $$$. And yes riding bikes is dangerous but it’s also good fun who wants to live forever any way
  4. Another Bike Learner

    Mate first thing when buying the bike make shore you comfortable on in not because someone told you they are great bike. I seen show-offs on CBR600 struggling to keep up with 400cc scooter in the hills, it’s not what you ride but how you ride it but having fast nice bike can help a bit to. Safety wise well it’s amazing how little respect or care car drivers have this days one thing riding bike will make you much safer and batter driver, I ride all year round and amount of close calls is amazing last night I almost got run of the road by some dick over taking me when car pulled out from side street instead of slowing down he merged to my line almost forcing me to mount the kerb. And today I got cut of twice one even gave me international singe of F@#K u with big smile on his face , i think some of this prick do it on purpose. Winter riding is not a problem if you have good gear then i see why you should have any problem riding during winter, only thing riding in the rain is always pain in the back . One thing i can recommend is make shore you buy best gear you can get there is no point buying nice bike and not having any money left for the riding gear, If you spend around $800 to $1000 you can get real good gear that will last you years. 1st bike that fits you best or the one you just must have 2nd gear thats good quality and is comfortable if you can buy the gear befor you buy the bike 3rd Never assume car driver see you or that they care if you live or die.
  5. thats true mate, as most fuel injected bikes this days have catalytic converters and on some bikes they are inside the muffler like om my m109r and most harleys to. On the other hand most sports bikes will be ok my mates busa is ok, as they have cats before muffler so as long the pipes is in ((legal noise limit)) you should be fine and again as long you dont change fueling like after market fuel packs/power commander.
  6. they are all over dandenong and hampton park to 1 bike 1 ss tmu/ and one unmarked ss at MCs carpark in Hampton park they must need money
  7. Insurance

    Insurer: Insure My Ride Insurance type: Full Comp Insurance cost: $408 What bike you have: Suzuki m109r Excess: $750 covered for $17.000 bike value - $750 excess
  8. R6 having some fun USA

    It looks like boys in US don't have to worry about cops hiding in the bushes like they do in Australia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcOZVxheOXw
  9. Bike recomendations

    Mate its not what you ride its how you ride, if you going to do stupid shit then 25cc will kill you.
  10. Another Bike Learner

    If you find good 2 year old bike go for it you will save $3k to $4k easy go for low ks and books, books are must i have a mate that dose over 55,000k a year with older bikes it looks as it only done 10,000k after two years but its gone round once and its 110,000ks. books books books !!! I picked used gs500f for my brother from bikeshop for just over $5000k on road low ks and books and saved about $4000 same goes for other bikes. Shop around and make shore you ride few of them, what looks good may turn in to the pain in the back after 100k ride. Its the buyers market the winter is coming its good time to shop around when weather is shit its good time to buy.
  11. Another Bike Learner

    thanks to new bike lams you have few options there, and most will serve you well past Ls & Ps. I ride m109r but im also geting KLR650 for daily work and some bush fun, there is some thing about a bike that can do everything. Kawasaki http://www.kawasaki.com.au/index.php?page=lams Suzuki http://www.suzukilearners.com.au/ few nice bikes to choose from Hyosung http://www.hyosung.com.au/lams/ dont let the name scare you they came the long way now there are some cheap bikes around some are just dirt cheap for what they are look at klr650 or GS500 good starting poin and cheap to fix when you drop it . It will come down to what you want to do, if its your first bike buy it cheap and have hips of fun.
  12. Another Bike Learner

    Mate have a look at suzuki GS500f I got one for my bro not long ago 2008 low 1800ks with books and bit over 5k on road from bikeshop with 9 months rego. un like all 250 you can ride that thing 100kph+ and want have to rev its nuts of. i dont know why people over look this bikes they go good they look good and they cheap as
  13. Legal Advice

    ******************************************************************************************************************* I don't know if that been posted before but if any of you need legal advise you should try this site much batter then getting legal advice from the cops. ****** www.trafficlaw.com.au ***** go to forum section and ask any thing you need to know. Hope that’s helps some of you. I think most people hear need to read -Your Rights- section
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYpOFimB7ZA
  15. bike videos and pictures