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  1. 1997 Ford Falcon - $1,950

    Make : FORD FALCON Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 0 Price : $1,950 Condition : Used Hi guys putting this up for a mate. Falcon Sedan, blue, pretty good nick for age, see pic for ding on front fender (can be pulled out or guards are worth nothing for these) Lowered springs (not chopped) Extractors and exhaust system. XR6 wheels, tires with reasonable tread. Approx 6months reg left Motor and transmition are fine, has good power and no transmission slip, has a towbar but hasnt been used as a tow car. Passed RWC 18 months ago with springs and exhaust as it is, will need a few small things for RWC like a steering wheel/cover as it is worn, headlight switch (plastic only as it has fallen off), and probably a few other small things, all can be bought at pickapart for next to nothing. RWC is not included. My mate is a motivated seller, needs it gone as it isnt being used. $1950 Negotiable, Only throw offers at me if you are actually interested in buying the car. SMS preferred during the day - 0418 174 609 Great daily, any inspection welcome.
  2. Ring Rusty bro, he will do a good cash price if hes still doing that sorta stuff!
  3. Pre-purchase inspections in Melbourne?

    I would just take the car to a workshop that you trust. I used one of the above when purchasing a car from a dandenong imports dealer recently, the report came back hunky dory but in actual fact the turbo was unhealthy and the front shocks were screwed. They state in their T/Cs that they only look and listen, there is no real inspection done.
  4. Drills - what's good?

    Yeah Hitachi do the same thing, I can buy rattle guns/impact drivers for my Hitachi drills (18v and 3AH) etc for about $250 as a skin. For tools that you only use occasionally on top of your normal tools its a great way to do it i recon.
  5. Drills - what's good?

    I would recommend Bosch blue for budget mid/heavy use. Bosch green for occasional use, however in a workshop situation drilling 400+ holes a day they will only last 6 months. If you have $550 then Hitachi all the way they are fantastic, but a good compromise is Makita. Don't listen to everything total tools tells you, do your research and go in with an understanding what what voltage and amp hours you require. They will try to sell you whatever they have promotions on, not necessarily the best fit for your needs (however they are still much better than Bunnings as there will at least be someone there to talk to).
  6. ok, lets say its a fatality.the dead body could be in the car thats off the side of the rd and the one blocking traffic the driver got out and is safe. moving that car could of lost valuable evidence. im only speculating here. do what every you feel is the best thing at the time i understand your point, but when it comes to vehicle collisions the evidence isn't the position the car itself is in, it's the course in which they took to get to that position. ie, skid marks, point of initial collision, marks in the road etc, all of which can be mapped out very easily by major crash (which they do at every fatality), so the evidence is literally painted on the road, and it's very easy to see where the final resting place of the car is or was, so moving a car (without a dead body in it) really doesn't have any effect on the case at hand, so to speak. as for moving a car with a body in it, well i'd hope that there isn't anyone in the world that would knowingly push a car off the road if it has a dead person in it, but hey, stranger things happen. Serious injury or death definitely changes the situation somewhat, there were witnesses that could testify exactly what happened if it were unclear, and apart from a bit of whiplash, hurt pride and a bloody nose everyone was ok. If there is a seriously injured person or person with no pulse etc, the priorities change from getting traffic moving again to doing everything you can for the person including trying to resuscitate. I would consider moving a vehicle with a seriously injured/dead person if the situation determined it (ie in the middle of the night halfway round a blind corner in the wet - where there possibility of a further collision), although i have never had to be face to face with someone who has died suddenly under traumatic circumstances, I think it would be a hell lot harder to do than just say on a forum...
  7. I hate it when people have tiny nose to tails(like hardly paint damage) on a major road and just stop in the middle of the road and get out and start exchanging details. If it moves, get it the hell off the road. About 6 months ago I was witness to a reasonably serious accident, a car with 2 chicks on p,plates pulled across a median turning lane to go down a side street and mustve somehowfailed to see the big red commodore ute coming in the opposite direction, full speed 70kmh t bone to the door sent the astra 360 degrees. This happened right as i drove by and i had the window down, scared the crap out of me as the impact was so loud. Immediately did a u turn and turned back to make sure everyone was ok. After being involved in and witnessing other decent accidents in the past (ive been into a creek, off the side of mt bawbaw and watched someone tbone my mates 180 so hard that he broke his pelvis) I knew that the people involved will be in shock and wouldn't be in a fit state to deal with what has to happen next, I made sure the bloke in the commodore was ok first, he had a broken nose from the airbag but was a well built tradie and was ok, the girls were out of the car and crying/smoking by the side of the road, both also ok, between me, the tradie and another bloke who had stopped we managed to push what was left off the commodore out of the middle of the road as all traffic was stopped and waited for police to get there (which didnt take long), after that I just made sure no one needed a statement and everyone was clear who was at fault etc and then went of my way. When my mate got tboned we were in shock and there was a bloke on a motorbike who stopped and took control of the situation, he cut my mates seatbelt with a pair of scissors, turned the car off, made sure everyone was ok and directed traffic till popo got there, directed people of do things like call the ambo etc. Its simple stuff and mostly common sense but he was a fantastic help to us at the time and I figured these people needed someone to do the same for them. If i am ever a witness to a serious accident again I would always stop as id hope someone would do for me.
  8. Rarities - Stuff I've found or Bargains

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321032787500&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT#ht_481wt_1184 Under $1 for a 180sx headlight, could be useful to someone as a spare
  9. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  10. Allans music closing

    Being in the industry I heard a fair while ago that they were in trouble, they had been reduced to limited accounts with a few key suppliers. They background the the company going into receivership is that one of their larger investors pulled out due to poor performance during the off period, its speculated that if the investors had stayed on board untill after Christmas they probably would have been able to turn it around. I personally think that the business grew way too fast, and the purchase of Allans probably wasnt done at the right time. Its a shame to see 2 household names that have been around for decades both go down the drain at the same time. Its now time for the banks to take back whats owed to them, while the rest of the creditors (my business included) wait in line to possibly recoup some lost cash.
  11. Did Revzone in Melb build this car? I remember this or an exact clone there a few years ago, was animalistic, aparently dropped 100k plus on it
  12. Block-Buster Overdue fee's

    A bloke I know got a bad credit rating due to blockbuster fines ($300 worth or so). stopped him from buying a house as he had a black spot against his name. Messed his plans up good. Follow it through, offer them a lot less (or bribe the shop assistant to delete) and dont run the risk of bad credit.
  13. All Japan Day in Melbourne for April 2012

    I would definately be in for this. hope we can pull some decent numbers like the other states .
  14. Contiki tours

    Yeah it would be part of a larger personally planned trip, heard they were quite good for a party but no one I know personally has done one. From what you guys have said its probably not as good as first thought. And yeah, an NS. travel section would be a good idea! Cheers guys.
  15. Contiki tours

    Something ive always wanted to do. Ive been thinking of maybe going on one while over in europe (planning for next yea) with the GF. Originally one of those things I wanted to do with mates, but i guess it will be the same sorta of thing with the mrs? Read up on a couple of contiki forums but they dont go into a great deal of detail, more just who is going on what etc. Whos been? where was it? Stories? Would you do it again?