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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Kilometres : 130000 Price : $9,999 Condition : Used I just want to start by saying I am in NO RUSH to sell this car. I really enjoy driving it, I've only just finished getting it to where it is and I don't get my full license until much later in the year, but i have another car so I am happy to sell it now for the right price. So, The time has come to part with my Sileighty. I have owned the car for a year and have been constantly tidying it up and making it look and go as it does today. This is the perfect P-Plater Silvia. It goes a lot better than any other NA Silvia I've driven. I've owned 2 and had friends who have owned countless NA's, this has a lot more torque and is a lot more fun to drive. I bought the car from a friend and he was the one who put the Non-turbo motor in it. It runs an S14 VCT motor and computer, it's the black top/hump non turbo motor (NOT a turbo motor with the turbo taken off) The motor is healthy and was rebuilt by a previous owner and only has approx 25-30000k's on it. I have not ever had a problem with the motor dying or giving up on me at all. Always serviced on time by myself using Nulon oil. The motor has a pod filter with standard intake piping, it runs APEXI extractors with a swirl type collector into a 2.25" exhaust, a gutted cat and on to two mufflers, the rear muffler is only 2" I think, because I have tried to keep it quiet. The car is running a 6 SPEED GEARBOX and a standard two piece tail shaft, a 4.3 ratio LSD diff with 6 bolt shafts. I have just had the shafts rebuilt before i installed them The gearbox is running redline lightweight gearbox oil and the diff is running penrite heavy duty LSD gear oil, both only done 500-1000ks. The car has had GKTECH conversion spacers installed, they are a bolt on wheel spacer which is 20mm thick and also converts the stud pattern from 4x114.3 to 5x114.3. I am now running R33 GTR wheels (Wheels worth well over $1000 themselves) The specs are 17x9 + 30 offset. They essentially sit at +10 with the spacer and look quite aggressive. Inside is stock, I have stripped the boot trims etc but I have the trims here that can go with the car. The car has a front and rear strut brace. The front seats have been swapped out for S15 bucket seats, the steering wheel is a "Nardi" black slightly dished with red stitch, matching gear boot and an aftermarket gear knob. The car has very dark tints on the back windows and the roof is painted black. It gives it a very sleek look, I think it looks great. The car has a pop-up type sunroof that 100% DOES NOT LEAK. Few other things worth mentioning, the car rides on MDU branded coil overs with 25 dampening adjustment and camber adjustment on the front, they are height adjustable all the way round. Fronts slightly knocks occasionally but it may just be because the springs aren't tensioned. I have sourced a pair of the rare Brick style headlights, they give the front end a cleaner more aggressive look. Doesn't have a grill because there's no grill that i like for the S13 and i think it looks better as it is. Has had the horrible side indicators they install at compliance from the front guards deleted. No spoiler, holes patched and painted. No aerial, grommet in hole. Wiper deleted, sealed and painted. I have tried to remember every detail of the car but I have probably forgotten a lot. The car is extremely presentable, it does have a few problems (sml leak rear gbox seal, window switches cracked) but I'm happy to discuss these with potential buyers, the car does drive well, I daily it every day and it's registered with no problems etc. Can negotiate price without certain parts, wheels etc. but....I'm not stupid and I know what the car is worth. Also have a wangan style wing and blast pipes can negotiate to include these extras with buyer. HAS REGO, til mid July, can negotiate for 6 months to be added. The car IS NOT a show car, it gets driven every day and gets washed every week or two, as i said it's very presentable and i've had heaps of comments about how clean it is, probably because 90% of S13s are absolute beaters, just don't expect perfection, its GOOD condition but not PERFECT. The car is listed in several locations and is going to be sold to the first genuine buyer with the cash, inspection welcome any time just give me a text and we'll organise. Negotiable within reason but I'm in no rush and I know how the market is with these cars so don't insult me. PICK UP ONLY - Parramatta area. Price is $9999 zerofour23443250 May be open to swaps but prefer cash my way, no cash on top from my side and please PM or TEXT offers, do not post in here. Pics - Old Wheels Same except steering wheel Excuse quality How it sits right now -
  2. Drifter's Playlist

    Bloodhound gang, cky, Metallica, anything by dj zany and the old ministry of sound hard nrg CDs
  3. USA Holiday

    I was there earlier this year for a bit over a month. La is ok, Hollywood is pretty filthy but you have to go. I spent 8 days in Vegas, saw alot of shows an ate and drank everything. South beach Miami Is awesome, new York is cool but I spent over a week there and it was too long. Boston is great if you are into sport and intoxicated college girls... Go there. San Diego is a pretty nice place also, as close as you will get to Mexico without going over the boarder, not so much the city but the towns around it. Vegas and Miami are the best places I went to
  4. Ca18det to sr20det swap writeup

    I'm in the middle of doing a swap from Silvia sr20 na manual to sr20det manual. I have a half cut of a 180sx redtop. I want to use the 180 headlights and wire them up, I have a onevia front end already but havnt connected the headlight motors up. Do I need to take the wiring out of the radiator support and guards and change the body loom or just put in the engine loom and leave the body loom that was in there already? Any more info on connecting the wiring would be great, I'm more interested in getting the engine running than the lights, cheers
  5. guard rolling

    Rolling the guards usually just bends the inner lip upwards and does bend the guard out a little. I want to know if anyone has used a hammer and dolly to completely flatten the inner lip
  6. guard rolling

    i want to get my guards pinched flat and rolled, can anyone do that or is the bolt on roller the only way it can be done?
  7. Mate, awesome work. The 86 was beautiful, this is crazy. Getting the car from a stock auto s13 to a one of a kind weapon in such a short time. Great work man

    Yeah your not really welcome there in inports. Only dumped vls, charades, vts on 22s. Oh and i think you wont get let in without a mullet or ratty. Stay away from there and let the cops take that shit off the road.
  9. tru....i would rather get pulled over by a cop than a thieving prick

    ill be there...bent hopefully
  11. upcoming raves in nsw?

  12. Proconcept or Bel Garage?

    i would gaurantee an apprentice would be doing this. unless everyone calls in sick and there is only one mechanic working
  13. S13 Headlight keeps on blowing

    i dont touch the glass when i have put them in. i used a narva one from repco just a normal h3c globe and aftrer that i tried bright white ones.....
  14. the NSF driving light on my 92 s13 keeps on blowing, every month i have to change the globe. only on the one side, i traced the wiring and cant find a short anywhere. does anyone have this problem? The globes i have put in are of different brands so i dont think it was a faulty or cheap globes (H3c) any ideas?
  15. s13 HIDs

    s13 use h3c globes, only 2 cars i know use them, s13s and honda concerto;s i think. U need to buy an aftermarket for them