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  1. hey im a newbie irish guy

    welcome to ns mate ur car looks decent engine stock or?? ......to be sure to be sure to be sure
  2. 19th December hills cruises.

    haha i smoke ve commos with neons............using guns...........pretend guns...............that look like my hand
  3. 19th December hills cruises.

    hook us a pm if u dont mind a cordia joinin ya's
  4. Happy Halloween y'all!

    yes..... yes i do
  5. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    this car is soooo f n clean man! i would take this over my chick anyday top werk mate
  6. im pretty sure thats a magic penguin
  7. Wednesday 03.09.08

    hey SXYCANI got any pics? pm me the good ones
  8. got my stuff yesterday, it came really fast and its good dealing with ya cheers
  9. Bolt-On Flare Widebody S13 Silvia

    haha that car is tough as!!!!! good werk man
  10. my vr4 cordia

    thanks for all the replys guys. haha yeah it understeers like a b!tch. haha and im not a dj and didnt copy that dude lol. and btw it got defekted up at mt barker 2 weeks ago!!! hows this, i was walkin out the shop to get in my car... and there was 4 cop cars around my car i was parked next to 3 other cars and we all got defekted! but i can drive it till the date i booked for regency tho. he sed it was too low and too loud and a few days after i got the legal limits and both height and sound was legal if i knew i wouldnt of let it happen
  11. vr4 cordia

    yeah it loses grip too easy..... u got any ways to avoid this?
  12. vr4 cordia

  13. my vr4 cordia

    haha yeah that guys a tool! i ran it up a gutter and bent i think 3 control arms and snapped one bent all the chasis and that.....got that all fixed but it still swerves to one side so getting all that looked at
  14. worlds slowest build...

    good werk man its lookin HOT as!
  15. my vr4 cordia

    hey everyone my silvias been off the road for a while now and ive bought myself a cheap cordia for a bit of fun would like to know wot u think my cordia cheers guys