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  1. Drift Meets at WSID

    I vote for epic daytime skids out the front of sport and rec head office or NSW government offices, maybe then they'll listen?
  2. +1 for not burning them out. Way too messy and not good to be breathing in so much rubber smokey crap.
  3. Anzac Day Drifting

    Surely WSID would have known this from the start?
  4. Rear Cradle Bushes

    They're fairly easy to make, so they shouldn't cost too much to have made custom? Anyone with a lathe and some aluminium round bar would be able to do it.
  5. Schweet looking circuit Looks a little bumpy in places, can't be any worse than OP skid pan though.
  6. DA 2010 is dead?

    +1 to building up local comps before we try for another national series. DA was doomed from the start because it was way ahead of itself. I.e not enough followers of the sport in Australia to justify the cost (both to sponsors and competitors) of a big national series. Especially in a country where people have to drive for a few thousand km to get to an event (thinking Syd -> Perth). I would rather see the organisers of DA join forces with some of the local clubs in each state and get some small comps started. Then, when they KNOW there is enough demand for a national series, have the smarts to pull it off. They might find attracting sponsors a bit easier if they have some evidence of comps they had run in the past...
  7. Driving Sports inc Twilight drift 19th march

    Nice work securing a session on the main track at EC!! Hopefully you guys get the support you deserve!
  8. CAD 3D modelling

    I use solidworks on a daily basis. I don't think TAFE offers Solidworks courses anymore, but most of the resellers do. We bought a single seat of the basic solidworks and got 2 training courses, basic (which they threw in free) and advanced modelling. All up it was around $19,000. The training course cost $500 a day with each course being 5 days long. Having looked at inventor, Solidworks really is worth the extra $10k or so.
  9. Bottom end rebuild

    Do you have the max length spec at all? My S14 service manual seems to be missing the page with that and the torque spec on
  10. Bottom end rebuild

    Ok, looked up king bearings, hopefully I can get them from Repco or something. If not, any leads on a supplier? What about head gaskets? I noticed all your builds use the cometic MLS Donny? I gather I need to replace the main cap bolts too? I'll probably just use Nissan main and head bolts for now.
  11. Bottom end rebuild

    What about the standard ACL bearings? Any other suggestions?
  12. The SR20DE+T motor in our drift car spun a big end a while back, so it's time to give the bottom end a freshen up (we're planning on building a forged motor later in the year, so this one is just a budget build). The plan is: - Have block acid bathed, checked and bore honed - Have rods and pistons cleaned and checked (we had to grab a rod out of a different motor as #1 was damaged - Have crank cleaned and checked - Reassemble with new bearings, piston rings, headgasket etc Just need to work out a few details: - Are stock SR head bolts reuseable or are they torque to yeild? If we need new ones, is it ok to use new Nissan ones, or should we go for the ARP head stud kit (and have to re-tap the block to 11mm) - Headgaskets: Nissan, ACL Proseal, cometic or other? What is the stock thickness for a SR20DE? I dont want to change compression. - Bearings: Is it worth using ACL Race series bearings? Or just stick with ACL duraglide or maybe even Nissan ones? - We measured the crank (using a micrometer) to be right on the minimum size for stock big ends. Is it likely to be ok like this, or are we gonna have to have the crank ground and the use oversize bearings? I'll talk to the machinist about this anyway. - Ok to reuse oil pump? - Rings: best just to grab new ones from Nissan? Probably a few other things I need to work out that I can't remember right now too.
  13. I think the last time I replaced brake/clutch fluid in a 180sx we used just over 1 bottle. Get 2 bottles and you'd have some left over for when you bleed the brakes next time you change the pads
  14. Friday Night Drifting is Back!

    Do you guys run the track wet? Friday night drifting is always fun, especially when it's nice and close!