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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Kilometres : 189000 Price : $7,500 Condition : Used gone.
  2. interested for sure!
  3. where will the next meet be at? (Julz is asking)
  4. Nistune in QLD

    Awesome, can you guys all keep me posted. AFR, power, cold start/idle, cruising, partial throttle and just general driving. Cheers!
  5. Nistune in QLD

    G'day ya'll. Did a search, didn't come up with much. Twas wondering if anyone has recommendation for a NisTune installer/Tuner in QLD. Anyone running one atm? How are they? Tis for a SR20 redtop, GT2876R, Z32 AFM and all the usual fruit. Any input would be great. Cheers. nigs.
  6. 1990 CR-X

    yer but 112kw from a B16a (J-SPEC) is much easier to achieve. ZC FTW Developed a soft spot for them when I saw a ZC with basic bolt ons pull 89KW, same power as a B16a2. Same dyno. Sounded hawt! Pfft who needs VTEC.
  7. 1990 CR-X

    Holy f**ken shit! 112KW ATW with a N/A ZC motor! That's bloody insane.

    Went and asked at the DOT today, and it turns out you do indeed get all your points back after a suspension, they have "been determined as dealt with" Just FYI. Are you on your P's or Opens? I've been supended on my P's (lost 9 points). Then suppended on my Opens for 6months (6 points 45km/hr+). I have a letter from DOTA stating I have 1 point left on my license. So points do carry over from P's to O's. But I didn't get my points back even after they have been "Delt with". Driving around with 1 point and not being on probation sucks. Cause I'm a bee's dick away from it. I don't think I've ever had more than 4 points since getting a License. Jumping from one probation to another suspension.
  9. I had the same set on my car. However there was no rubber left on the accelerator so it was merely replaced with the RAZO item using some zip ties to keep it in place I'm pretty sure those bend bit are meant to wrap around the accelerator then screwed into place.
  10. How is a RB cheaper to rebuild than a SR when the RB has 6 cylinders to replace.....
  11. I assume you mean a RB30 block with either a RB25 or RB26 head. Cause I don't think RB30's came with Dual Over Head Cams......................
  12. HKS 2530

    from experience.....not much at all. Maybe more low down torque from earlier boost. S15 with the 2530 @ 1bar, PFC and all the supporting mods made 250rwhp. Simlar setup on a S14 motor but with a T28BB @ 1bar made 200rwhp however with spastic AFRs I'm sure it could make up to 250rwhp too if retuned. Always thought the HKS 2530 would be more suited for say a 1.3-1.8L motor. Having said that, doesn't mean it wouldn't be just effective on a 2L. As it can take more boost over a T28 which is really limited to about 1.1bar. I guess it would be nice to have, if you wanted boost a lil bit earlier (2250rpm) without cams and still be able to boost it through the roof. (I don't know it's efficiency range though )
  13. Catch Cans

    someone else owns those plates........
  14. Catch Cans

    You're not the REAL 180BOY! I call lies. also, if the catch can vents to ATMO then yes, it's illegal.
  15. CA diff are pretty good for off the line racing. If you take advantage of the SR great torque. Just gotta know when peak power is being made, shift hard and you'll notice that you can pull away from much more powerful cars over 200-300m. Just don't bother racing on the highway unless u got a decent sized turbo Being in 5th and within boost range is nice though.