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  1. Something like this happened to me. Guy lived overseas dad lived in Queensland and said his dad was a car collector said he would pay 800 bucks then once he got the car he would pay the rest. I became a bit suspicious wondering why a car collector would want a sil80 with a blown ca18
  2. I use to take the powder out of the oxy capsules and swallow the powder like that before they took the yohimbine out of it..Now I'm on the actual oxy powder, it doesn't give me as much of a buzz as the old capsules (new ones don't have yohimbine in it) but It still gives me energy. Just started taking it today will report back soon with some results
  3. Gym wankers

    I've had 2 encounters with power lifters at the gym and they are both bad ones..One guy tried deadlifting 180kgs couldn't budge it yelled f**k at the top of his voice and walked off for 5 minutes the other guy tried telling two new gym goers you don't need to worry about isolating muscle groups deadlifts will do everything you need to do I wanted to slap him because he had no muscle at all..Let people do what they wanna do
  4. Hardcore/Gabber Thread

    Recently converted from hardstyle to hardcore always had a soft spot for angerfist and neophyte Listened to some stuff from outblast & korsakoff and the viper and haven't looked back
  5. FC Rx7 build - Back to Brisvegas

    Car is looking sweet dude the interior is looking great (looks better than mine haha) I'll definitely keep my eye on this. I've got a mild port on mine with just a standard turbo and it's got a fair bit of go
  6. HARDSTYLE thread

    Speaking of summer of hardstyle reminds me has anyone heard the remixes the prophet has been doing? So far I've heard summer of hardstyle, shizzle my dizzle and I think evolutionz aswell I'm not sure if there's more but keen to hear them if there is
  7. HARDSTYLE thread

    I'm loving Noisecontrollers at the moment I listen to their Defqon set every day before I go gym
  8. Super13 - IDA Wakefield Slide Videos Page 28

    Looks nice man. Yellow looks sweet looking forward to seeing it running
  9. HARDSTYLE thread

    The Zatox song and Wildstylez song are from Headhunterz hard with style #3 which I'm loving at the moment. I downloaded this a few weeks ago, around 800 songs with some pure gold http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/110400193/hardstyle+big+pack?tab=summary Does anyone have a mp3 for Noisecontrollers mix of Barbra Streisand? I can't find it anywhere
  10. HARDSTYLE thread

    Was well worth it though right ?
  11. HARDSTYLE thread

    It's in sydney the poster they were giving out at the end had a date for next year in sydney...speaking of the poster me and my mate are in it I'm in the red silverstar shirt in the bottom left corner
  12. HARDSTYLE thread

    Think it means the way lads dance..Even though there were heaps of lads and shit..Here I was worried I wouldn't get in because I wore everlast shorts
  13. HARDSTYLE thread

    That's the second one (can tell by the glow sticks ) They threw glow sticks out into the crowd when he was playing his hardcore stuff. It was actually my first music festival so it was good kinda bummed headhunterz didn't play though
  14. HARDSTYLE thread

    Every set was amazing. I was talking to Olcay(other toneshifter member) for a bit he use to live near me and went to school with my ex gf. Was cool to see noisecontrollers walked past me at one point and saw the prophet walking around before his set. Was a mad night except the buses
  15. Hahahaha @ perfect rims That white looks sweet
  16. Ok so basically the story is I was the passenger in an accident a few weeks back and ended up in hospital for a few days. I had a friend ask me the other day if I had claimed 3rd party yet I had said "no what do you mean?" she was telling me you can claim some sort of compensation. Has anyone done this before and can shed some light on the matter? Or better yet work in the industry that deal with claims of this nature. I didn't want to claim anything and dump more problems on my friend(he was at fault) but apparently this wouldn't affect him. So yeah if anyone could let me know, if you don't wanna say it on here feel free to pm m. Thanks everyone
  17. Yeah I'll do that, cheers bud
  18. It was his fault. Yeah I had to go back a couple days ago(accident happened 2 weeks ago) my knee still hurts when I use it a bit more than I should and my stomach still hurts a bit and found out I've got one huge mother of a blood clot and some scar tissue around my stomach
  19. HARDSTYLE thread

    Can't stop listening to the first song..Loving the Qlimax 2007 dvd at the moment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd3tm6TEaSQ
  20. Car looks clean as I'm diggin it, Is the origin sticker on the overflow bottle to cover up a hole or something?
  21. HARDSTYLE thread

    I know it's old but I can't stop watching it..Hanging for defqon http://youtube.com/watch?v=qPUgr78i72M
  22. Family

    My father cut me and my mum off when I was about 7(now 25) hated him for as long as I could remember. Found out he passed away 3 years ago from cancer, kinda makes me wish I made more of an attempt to get in contact with him
  23. Few new additions to my supplement stack

    Saw this at WSID on friday night one word....weapon

    I'll shake majority of the time. I'll give it a pat dry if there's a chance of potential bj later on