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  1. rb25 powered s13

    Still alive
  2. sell s13?

    Yep I tried to sell my Silvia numerous times about two years ago and so glad now that it never sold. I love that I've got a tough as f**k rig sitting in my carport to use or work on whenever I like and it owes me nothing. Actually it owes me about $35k haha. But the older I get, I'm not so obsessed with it anymore which is a good thing, but the fact I've still got it is a good feeling because I'll never spend that much money or blood sweat and tears on another car again
  3. killswitch engage tour april

    SOOOO glad Jesse is back! I still enjoy the two albums Howard did but there's just a different energy and rawness that Jesse brings. And I discovered the band when they first had jesse so I have that attachment
  4. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    What front tyres are you running? Thought you had the rs-r's?
  5. '93 S13 Almighty Silvia

    Fake rotas. Now I've heard everything.
  6. periphery touring

    Yeah true, I just think periphery should play their axe fx's through power amps instead of the PA like AAL do, just sounds way better. And do they really need three guitars live? I know sometimes there are 3 parts but just adds to the mess. Normally I hate overplaying drummers too but not in AAL's case, i love it, they've really become a muso's band and I love it. They're just groovy
  7. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Looks awesome man! When's it going for tune?
  8. periphery touring

    Was awesome lastnight!!! f**k AAL are tight! So impressive. New song was amazing, gonna be an epic new album which tosin announced has already been recorded. Drummer is ridiculously good and absolutely smashes the f**k out of his kit! Periphery, once again, need to improve their live sound. AAL totally outdid them. Didn't play any new songs off Clear which sucked but oh well. I got a Bulb pick 😊
  9. Prog and rock people - Looking for feedback

    Yeah I think you're drumming is good man, I only listened to the songs once but I felt like even though the fills were good, seemed like they were quite similar to each other. But in saying that, I guess you don't want to be showing the whole reportoire in only one song. Thinking about it more, you guys have an Isis sound, which I absolutely love. You mentioned tool karnivool meshuggah etc you seem to have the same taste and influence as me. You should introduce your guitarist to Animals as Leaders if he already doesn't know them, I think that kind of direction is where you guys should head. His guitar tone, it's hard to judge going off the recording quality and my phone quality, but yeah it does come across tinny. What gear does he use? He should look at 7 or 8 string too, add that modern dimension. I've got an ESP stef carpenter 8 string through an Engl fireball amp. Tell your guitarist about the Axe FX unit, best thing ever. I don't have one but if I were playing in bands again I would def get one, the best tone and amp modeling out there, it's what all modern djent bands are using, including periphery.
  10. Prog and rock people - Looking for feedback

    Hey man, I'll critique as honest as I can. I've played guitar for 15yrs and was in bands and was sole songwriter in my biggest prog metal band Def needs to get tighter, as you mentioned Drummer needs to learn new/more fills Condense the songs more, so that sections or phrases aren't so drawn out and long. Not every riff needs to go for four bars etc etc make the songs more random and progressive The songs sound very 90's to me. Not sure if this is the bands objective or not? I thought I was listening to Helmet and The mark of Cain and early Tool, although I do hear Dream Theatre also Band name is 7/10 so I think it's ok yeah Second guitarist would suit your style, I think that second guitar as an atmospheric sound would add an effective dimension Drummer got double kicks? Hard to hear through my phone. If not, get them. Otherwise, mic them up next time!
  11. periphery touring

    Ill be at the Melb show! Third time seeing periphery, first time for AAL
  12. Cycling & MTB

    Thread revival! Seeing as I don't play sport anymore and over the age of 30 I'm doing sprint triathlons and love it. So obviously I've got a few bikes for training on....these are all pretty new My tri bike, 2014 Giant Trinity Composite 1 My roady, 2013 Giant Defy 2 My mountain bike, 2014 Giant Talon 27.5 5
  13. Protein Recipies

    Can ppl share their reasonings behind drinking almond milk instead of normal full cream milk?? I've looked at the nutritional breakdowns and noticed the benefits of the almond milk was that the far content was slightly lower and made up of mono fats rather than predominantly saturated fats found in full cream, good thing. And the carbs/sugar content was just shy of half of that of full cream, another good thing. However, almond milk has less protein, less calories, more sodium, and less calcium. It also contains cane sugar which I thought was bad? So they're my observations. Explain.
  14. Lady Luck now rb25 in the build

    I'm also series 2 engine and loom into an s13.....although I didn't do the wiring, Monty is the man! I recall him breezing through it cos he knows his shit. If you need me to look at my motor for advice or photos let me know
  15. Fitting R34GTR front brembos

    Pretty sure Blingcommander had r34 brembos on his s14, he will know