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  1. why must you do this to me... tempting. havent even fitted the fuel setup yet haha
  2. Stripping 180sx

    Fuel cell, surge tank, pumps etc deposit taken from me
  3. Hey mate when you check out the coil overs can you let me know please. Jarrad - 0431561842 Cheers!
  4. Work emotion bronze cr Kai's suit s15

    he hasnt checked in on ns yet.. told him id grab them but i havent heard nothing.
  5. Work emotion bronze cr Kai's suit s15

    stupid question.. dont think i saw location. sms me on 0431 561 842 cheers Jarrad

    location plz. im in north bris
  7. SOLD

    id be keen on 9.5's pending price and if someone wants the 8.5's mate
  8. Recently moved to brisbane, and after stumbling across this thread, i am very keen to come see some of this racing! any chance you could point me in the right direction for some clubs of these QR events and maybe some hillclimb/ street sprints? Keen to do somethng other than drifting when my cars finished!
  9. Hey mate, neg on r33 rear calipers and disks at all? Ill pm you. Thanks
  10. how much for dash and location plz
  11. sold

    what kind of bitch are we talking about? i'm going to PM you regarding some brembo brackets (free bump)
  12. DRIFTWORKS adjustable arms suit s14/15

    Still avalible, hit me up if interested in making an offer
  13. CST hyper zero, Rota Torque, koya rims S.A

    hey mate, how much for the cst's shipped to brisbane 4020 if youre willing to ship?