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  1. and thanks to you quoting him, he now can't edit his post and delete it from this thread.
  2. I do Adelaide > riverland > Adelaide, weekly.
  3. The import kid's Sketchup designs

    Someone ask him to do something abstract... $10 says he doesn't follow through.
  4. Not a roadtrip as such, but I've done 30000 kms of country driving in the last year in a jzx100. Couple things I've learnt: If its bug season, particularly locusts, wrap the front of your car in flyscreen. They permanently ruined the paint on my front bar... Wash any bugs off as soon as you can. DON'T sit closer than 4 seconds behind a truck unless you like the front of your car getting sandblasted. Watch out for the second kangaroo. Little things like rabbits and birds as much as its against your natural reaction, its safer to plow right through them than swerve/ hit the anchors. Not the nicest feeling though. Fill your washer bottle. Over a few hundred kms traveling 10-15 kph faster will only net you a few extra minutes in the end. It's rarely worth it. Also the guy talking about mice, QLD mice must be much smarter than SA mice. I have a photo on my old phone of my wheel arch splash guard literally plastered with blood and fur from when there was an outbreak last year
  5. things that annoy you

    Ridiculous prices of Landcruiser utes...
  6. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    Saw a crashed one in Marion carpark today. Bonnet, gaurds, bumper and lights damaged. No rear end damage so one would assume it was the driver's fault...
  7. The neighbours love it.....

    and I am bloody happy with them haha. Car looks awesome!
  8. Got locked out of my first account and needed a new one. The idiot in Initial D sounded like he called a GTR "GTRoh", seeing as I didn't own a GTR I looked around my room, saw a pic of a car with some nice dished wheels and put them together.
  9. All JZX100 tourer vs are vvti.
  10. things that annoy you

    I've heard before that it's a pretty clear divide between Vics saying 'parma' and SA people saying 'parmy'. ...obviously the latter is correct.
  11. The Nostalgia Thread.

    Choose your own adventure ones were awesome, with the shiny covers. Yes! Then getting all inspired but having not nearly a=enough art supplies to create anything. Also, Sooty. I don't even remember that horse thing on the right, but it looks hilarious.
  12. things that annoy you

    I always thought it was sort of a joke all those pony comics etc., until about a week ago I saw a thread dedicated to it on another forum, where there were grown men wearing the t-shirts, holding the lunch boxes, collecting the toys.... Then I looked further and there are videos of them unwrapping toys at McDonald's.... Seriously what is wrong with them?!?!??I can understand collecting boys toys to some degree, but pink ponies ..
  13. things that annoy you

    Suddenly you having a pet chicken makes a lot more sense...
  14. Are there any Audiophiles on here?

    Can't stand the word audiophile... Sounds so stupid haha. "oldmanscar" on here is pretty into his audio from what I've seen. Are you a member over on SNA?
  15. things that annoy you

    Old people / caravanners that insist on driving before 9am and 4-6pm. Leave that time for people who actually have things to do. Also, pairs of rims with no similar pair to make a set to be found. Aaand 7" rims... Nobody likes you.
  16. Where* You're* So you attempt to take the high and mighty horse with what was most likely a genuine typo by Lucas, yet in your previous post you use "of" instead of "have"...TWICE...Don't mess with this spelling nazi Lucas, you'll get beaten by shoddy grammar.
  17. He sold his Cresta months and months ago... LOL!
  18. Facebook is gone. BB link?
  19. Looks the same as my jzx100 hubs. Turn it over, pop off the dust car and undo the large nut, front screw hole is irrelevant.
  20. things that annoy you

    AusPost and their slack tracking system. Also being told that my place is "out of our regular route" after my parcel sat in their depot for one week and I finally went down there to pick it up myself...
  21. Rarities - Stuff I've found or Bargains

    Datsuns and rust don't exactly get along famously...
  22. *Insert generic "It'llgrowonyougiveittimeitstillneedsironingoutchangeisforthebettermovingforwardonwardsandupwards" comment...
  23. Um I need them in 5 stud, and not sure about the "have a look at bbs" part, because that's the brand of rim I'm asking about already? BBS LS - It's a different model.
  24. Sizes and price please. Exactly what I've wanted on my 81 for the last year or so, right down to a similar colour...