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  1. There's definitely a place for this in SA. No idea what happened to the last dude that tried to organise it... not sure whether it would work on the same day as AJD though, what with the complications for people who want to drive their entry down, but also bring a boot load of gear to flog off. Also people wanting to man a stall, but also keep an eye on their pride and joy. Perhaps AJW - All Japan Weekend. Swap meet on Saturday, show on Sunday, big piss up for interstaters Sat night, sunrise meet and/or cruise on the Sunday morning perhaps (which rather contradicts my last point... haha).
  2. I want name!

    ///HIJACK\\\ While we're at it, I've got a numberplate I need an address or at least phone number for as well. PM for details Completely non-violent motive, just have no way to track the owner down. $100 to anyone who can deliver. Softy, if someone comes through maybe we can group-buy for their details
  3. Pretty sure every year I go have a browse then read this thread and see photos of cars I can't even remember so many to look at. Very nice grey 110 parked in the Buffalo carpark for a bit as well.
  4. Get in touch with Tom Koutsantonis, surely he knows someone good...
  5. Sound systems?

    Factory jzx100 stereo, iPod and transmitter... Fark I'm cheap haha. Didn't even buy the transmitter new
  6. Which S15 taillight do you like?

    Doesn't appear to have a fuel filler door on that side either.
  7. Any Tier 2/3 inspection gurus out there? Looking to bring an unregistered, complied 1988 car into S.A. I've found some wording that I believe allows me to not need an eye level brake light as the car was manufactured earlier than mid 1989 (exact month slips my mind), however at present the car has JDM seat belts and no front 1/4 panel indicators. Any idea whether I'd need to change those? Seatbelts I could get around, but indicators would be a major pain, almost not worth it.

    Can't quote on my phone, but in relation to a couple posts up, there have also been 2 police cars sitting at the toll gate getting people last Friday and Saturday night.
  9. Yeah it's you, like you said - joining a main road. As for him keeping left, it sounds as though that's impossible due to parked cars, which can be the case on a lot of side streets.
  10. things that annoy you

    People that call looking to speak to someone who isn't here, then ask if they will answer their mobile?!?! How am I supposed to know, ring them and find out for yourself brainiac. Similar situation, but people that say snitzel instead of schnitzel, with a 'sh' sound at the start. SCH is there for a reason morons.
  11. what is your latest purchase?

    Letterbox looks rather similar to Freddy (vs Jason)

    Red Testarossa in Mt Barker. !!! Also saw a blue S14 on the freeway Thursday night, might have been Firechild, think he has one like that.
  13. Ask any porpoise, any real porpoise, it doesn't matter if you win by a flipper or a blowhole, winning's winning.
  14. Almost had me? You never had me. You never had you dolphin.
  15. Home Office - Harder than you think

    Darkone, your last point is EXACTLY like eating a steak! You can eat it much quicker if you spend that bit of extra time cutting it into bite sized pieces and then just smashing it, bite after bite.
  16. Can't be bothered typing out the full extent, but here it is in short. Sounds like BS typed out but I assure you it's not, was over half a year it happened. Got asked to clean out a house + sheds of a person that flew the coop after a bad separation/ money problems. Shed was bad enough, filled with random dirty stuff that I had to sort, throw out, tidy up etc, took a few days. Then moved on to a room that contained indoor rainwater tanks. No ventilation, no light, dust and dirt etc centimetres high, had to sweep it all out. Then came the basement, couldn't see the floor at all, literally. Two feet high worth of crap, decomposed rats, etc. Following that was an underground safe room, say 5x4m square, very strong chemical smell coming through the door before we could get it open, few days later locksmith had it open. Lining the walls, floor to ceiling was chemicals, all types and sizes of bottles, pretty hard to breathe in there. Burglars cleaned most of it out in the following days though, some pretty suspect stuff started happening. A bit later I had to help move a pile of household rubbish, (yes, imagine all the disgusting crap you normally put in the bin) that was around the size of a shipping container. A bobcat did most of the work, but I had to get all the bits he missed, usually the most rotton, wet, slimey pieces on the bottom of the pile. Worst smell ever , dry reached a bit. Had to clean out a few other sheds on the property, one fell to pieces while we were in it, the cupboards we were trying to pull out were rotten and riddles with white ants so fell apart all the time. Had to pull what must have been over 100 metres of tangled cat5 cable out of a swamp/ stagnant sludgey water, dug down around 1 foot and it was still there so got what we could and left the rest. All the work was for a friend so I was helping him out, but half way through he went on holidays, leaving me to continue cleaning. All the while there were various russians/ eastern europeans (who were actually employed to clean it) working their who seemed to think I was their boss, always asking me what to keep, throw out etc. It was absolutely ridiculous, place should have been on hoarders.
  17. Ze's Hate Space, Dare To Enter?

    I'm guessing you're the one that just got those few X8 bits. White zenki bumper with lip, 81 catalogue, few random bits and pieces, possibly the grex oil filter relocation kit. Or perhaps you're the bastard that got the boot lip
  18. Soarer towing question

    Yeah... I HIGHLY doubt that. Sounds like typical, local pub chit chat. You can doubt whatever you want. If you actually knew though then you would state it. Well, I can only speak for SA regulations, but I know that all of the boats I have looked at for my old man have had braked trailers and that it doesn't over rule the manufacturer's specifications of towing weight for his car.
  19. Impromptu clipping point?
  20. Workshop/Car Tips & Tricks.

    I'll add to your rage rule by saying before you rage, put down any pieces of your car and go outside the garage.
  21. Just said to someone the other day about how no one had done this in SA yet... and here you have it.
  22. Soarer towing question

    Yeah... I HIGHLY doubt that. Sounds like typical, local pub chit chat.
  23. Ouija Board.

    best reply yet!
  24. Ouija Board.

  25. things that annoy you

    When driving in the right lane of a two lane road and the people in the left lane think it's their right to half pull into your lane, without indicators to go around parked cars, then ark up when you beep. Had a guy going off his nut at me because I beeped him for doing so, made a point of hanging my left hand wheels on the middle line at the next parked car so he had no room and had to slow right down. Classic reaction when he pinned it up next to me again Like a rabid dog barking at the window.