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  1. INB4 landslide of Jesse Streeter. And yes, he is the man to see. edit: damn, too slow...
  2. Post a pic of your computer desk

    Why yes. Yes it is. Her name is Gracie AKA teleportation chicken number 2 I was about to comment on how uncomfortable the back rest of your 'computer chair' looks, but then I saw...Gracie... and absolutely lost it :lol: :lol:
  3. Speeding Fines in SA

    They can also hang off the side of the car, usually above the rear driver side door's window.
  4. Uplate and sh!t You know the drill!

    Enflamed didn't you only order all that gear a couple days ago? Bloody quick shipping if so.
  5. Uplate and sh!t You know the drill!

    Says I have to log in to use it... and where might I do that???
  6. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Tell me you let lumpy go, fella deserves a 2nd 3rd shot at life.
  7. Uplate and sh!t You know the drill!

    Doubting they would be the truck - firecom (000 centre) radios though, as that can have sensitive info come out of it. Unless they sensor it. nope, trucks., i've listened to drivers out on calls etc. http://www.sascan.ne...infPages/infCFS How the f**k is that legal? Just heard names being thrown about on the police/ambo radio. Was listening to it well over a year ago and they were talking about a collapsed lady in Blackwood, started going into details then the person at the base said to go to either another channel or perhaps a different radio, can't remember specifics. So it isn't all that they use.
  8. R35 GTR Hoon - impounded

    So the whole of Adelaide At least they're taking the appropriate action and lowering speed limits everywhere, could get pretty dangerous otherwise!
  9. *insert witty thread name here*

    Had what I guess was a 'chapter' of the Finks gang stay at Mataranka hot springs when we were there years ago about 40 or so guys from memory. Didn't start anything, just had a good time. A few went in the hot springs as well... boots, jeans and all
  10. *insert witty thread name here*

    Damn, I paid $3 for a Dr Pepper this morning... it was cold though. What store is that?
  11. *insert witty thread name here*

    I'll do you a deal, you find someone in either SAPOL or Transport SA who can find out where a car lives for me and I'll buy this and stick it in a shed.
  12. *insert witty thread name here*

    What's the ute in the background apoth?

    Nice cream MX32, low with nice wheels on Ackland Hill Rd, Coro this arvo.
  14. JZX90 MARK II

    I love the look of that wrinkle coat, not to mention a 90 with 33 GTRs. I also see you're reppin the $30 Bunnings dual spot lights. They're not too bad for something so cheap.
  15. *insert witty thread name here*

    My car was worth a bit more than that, had no rego, bloke selling it simply couldn't afford to put rego on it (hence why he's selling it). However it was also an encumbered vehicle with a lot of money owing against it. I paid for a permit for a mechanic to take it for a spin but didn't want to risk doing so myself. Bought it without driving it, handed the check over at the lender's premises and had the car instantly removed as a security for his loan. It all went smooth as silk, risky had I not done some serious homework, but in the end I got the car I wanted for a good price, quite possibly because others were put off because there was money owing.
  16. *insert witty thread name here*

    Did I say $200, I meant $20 Sell them right here...to me...for $50...
  17. *insert witty thread name here*

    Just realised that the packs of pokemon cards me and my friends bought for around $11 each back when we were in primary school are now worth over $200.....
  18. *insert witty thread name here*

    Good selection of SA people here, anyone know the cheapest place to get Federals?
  19. orange lights in the sky... wtf

    Yeah going to say the same thing as above, most likely for some offset foreign new year.
  20. *insert witty thread name here*

    The one in Stirling was closed, excavated, re-painted and is still closed now. Has been for months and months. Blackwood one was open the other night.
  21. *insert witty thread name here*

    Yeah, some bloke was grabbing the head off one at the time, other one still there.
  22. *insert witty thread name here*

    Just got back from there. Nothing of interest for me. Couple of Twin Cam rollas, heaps of relatively unstripped commodores and falcons though.