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  1. Hills run + jzx100 with stuff in the boot... :lol: rear quarters would end up looking like a zit-faced teenager.Hahndorf footy oval used to have show and shines, straight up the freeway so not too bad for most.

  2. You made more than 2 posts on his account...

    Didn't know about any of the other stuff though, and if that is in fact TRUE, people taking forum issues to heart and damaging property then I don't blame him at all for closing it.


    Just wish I could copy all my PMs and my build thread so I have dates for everything...

  3. The stupid thing is, in the whinge thread (that served no purpose) on TC.net Southo was the one telling them to HTFU and ignore the noob threads.


    Now either he has greatly contradicted himself with an incredibly childish move, or there's more going on behind closed doors that we don't know about.

  4. Doesn't bother me at all if the laws change and they are allowed to get married, but to me and in my mind, marriage will always be between a man and a woman.
    Let me just turn the clock back 50 years.
    marriage will always be between a white man and a white woman or a black man and a black woman [/Quote]Exactly, I'm not opposed to it at all. I suppose a different way of putting my opinion is if someone says to me, about two people I don't know "They are a newly married couple" or something to that effect I will picture a man and a woman. What other people choose to do is completely up to them, its just hard to change a stereotype that I've lived with for a quarter of my life .

  5. Feel sorry for him? It was his choice to cross the lines, whether it be due to him choosing to turn into the corner early and cut it or whether he was more or less forced to due to the speed he was doing.


    When/ if you cut a blind corner you know that you run the risk of being in the path of an oncoming vehicle, plain and simple. Everyone knows this.


    To my mind, losing his license(s?) is the absolute minimum punishment that he should receive.

  6. Doesn't look like there designed for that wheel.


    Concidering the wheel says impul R1 n the rim says something different.


    Impul and Hoshino is the same company

    RS ad R1 are two different models of wheel. The centre caps suit a mesh style wheel - the R1.