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  1. I've got an auto 100 with just a cat back.

    It gets 8.9l/100kms highway driving, 10l/100 regular driving.


    Parts are more expensive than a Nissan, but if you change it yourself it isn't that bad.


    Been pulled over for legit reasons and never looked at twice.


    I use it purely as a daily and I love it, I do around 10 hours driving in it per week and literally can't fault it.Mine is a Mark II so possibly flys under the radar more.Full comp through just cars (22 year old) is ~$600.

  2. The icing on the cake...


    we are not looking for input or feedback at this time.


    I've gone from checking the classifieds here (a year or so ago) at least once per day, sometimes a few times, to weekly at the most over the past few months. I really don't think I'll even bother now.


    It's like Woolworths saying "Oh hey, we've just thrown all our products out the back of the truck randomly into our store. You'll see lots of different products you wouldn't normally be looking for or give a damn about, but let's just move forward - it's for the better."


    Why try and "compete with eBay and Gumtree"?


    Stick to being nissansilvia.com, improve it as necessary, seek feedback BEFORE making changes - seems like a winning formula to me.

  3. Getting stuck behind a semi who seems to think he's helping you by dropping his wheels off the edge of the tarmac when you're trying to overtake, showering your car in rocks.

    Also going past an oncoming semi who does the same thing thinking he's giving you more room, once again blasting the front of my car with grit etc.


    Just stay on the bloody road you're not doing anyone any favours.

  4. think im starting to nail this headunit. got it all runnning with factory amp and sub, BUT i have a buzzing. i disconnect the rca ground and it gets louder, so im guessing its an earth. if i cut the speaker wires from the amp plug then run them seperate to the other wires to my RCA's would i be on a winner?

    From what I've read if your car came with the factory sat nav you can have some problems.


    There's a pretty big thread on JZX100 which is where I got all my info from, and more than a few people had the same problem as you.

  5. Don't use the factory amp, wire all the speakers directly to your own amp, or your headunit if you're not running an amp.


    The factory setup is satan. You can have all the noise supressors or adaptors you want, but it's still going to sound like shit if you wire into it.

    Come listen to mine, sounds perfect, wired into the factory amp.

  6. Sending a guy an email about a car, asking 4 (pretty basic) questions.



    Getting a reply back with "Thanks for the email. For more information call me on [interstate number that will cost a lot]"

    Carrying on from this, when you ask a seller a few questions, and they only manage to (barely) answer the last question.


    Or, when idiots don't put a price in an ad, state "make an offer", then get pissed off if they think your offer is too low.

    Put a bloody rough guide in if you're that sensitive.

  7. Mine didn't do that with either the factory head unit nor the aftermarket one = no need to replace. I do have to turn it louder as I accelerate though, due to road noise and exhaust note.... Duh. Lots of people also complained about getting feedback with an aftermarket head unit due to the way the h/u and speakers are grounded, didn't get that either.

  8. Yeah it should be very straight forward depending on what head unit you use. I put in a 2-din Pioneer DVD unit and the only thing I couldn't work out was the reverse gear signal to get movies playing, but I'll fiddle with it later if it annoys me.


    The harness has an RCA for each speaker (so as long as your head unit has those inputs it stays very simple).

  9. Chaser looks bloody clean!


    And for the guy asking about the headunit install, I bought a Metra 70-8112 harness for $12, plugged straight in to the Toyota loom, had to put bullet joiners on 4 other wires, took half an hour.


    Easiest install I've ever done, however that's retaining the factory amp, which I saw no need to replace.