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  1. FREE D/L: My band's first studio album

    Hi to all the NS & HT lurkers. I'd like to share my band's debut album with you all, it's been a long time coming together but I'm happy to say you can get it at Bandcamp as a free download (for the time being.) https://spiralofficial.bandcamp.com/album/whats-that-sound It's a groove-based, summery kind of deal full of drums, keys, bass, gat, horns and vocals. If you enjoy it please share the link with your friends! Peace, Steve
  2. Nissan 180SX Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    My 1997 180sx Type X leaves with a new owner on this day and I'm a long way from home in Hong Kong, so here's a few pics to say goodbye after many modifications and seven and a half years...
  3. Good evening NS, Do any of you excellent people know where the air conditioning drain hole is on an S13/RPS13? The air con in my 1997 180sx TypeX is leaking water back into the cabin, soaking the carpet and the drain hole must be the culprit (because I've checked everything else out for leaks,) if I can clear it then problem solved. I've looked along the firewall and I can't distinguish it, can someone please point me to its whereabouts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 180sx Air Con issue, blocked drain hole.

    Thank you very much.

    Hey, I watched your clip through. I dig the second tune more than the first, you all play it with more energy and seem to enjoy it more which makes it better immediately. Also, you play some great double kick stuff! More of that everywhere I say.

    Hey fellas, Here's a simple (and very green) clip from a gig I played on October 1st. It's kinda got that flowing-groove-jazzy-jazz vibe. The pianist (who wrote the tune) and bassist are mates of mine and we've toured together on a couple different things. The guitarist is a monster, it was a pleasure to get the opportunity to play with him. The drums are my Pearl Masters Customs MMX. I saved up and bought them new when I was 18 and they've played hundreds and hundreds of gigs in the last 14 years. The kick is 20x16", the toms are 10x10" & 14x14." The snare is from my DWs Collectors 'Private Reserve' kit; it is 14"x5", maple and hand made. http://youtu.be/8lpwXqdgMvU Have a listen, I hope you enjoy it.
  7. Hi there. Can you ship to Auckland, NZ? I'm looking for; Full set of Bonnet Stoppers (centre, main & side) for 1997 180sx. Door Hinges (top & bottom, driver & passenger) for 1997 180sx. Door Hinge Pins (top & bottom, driver & passenger) for 1997 180sx. Door Hinge Bushes (top & bottom, driver & passenger) for 1997 180sx. Thanks for your time, best regards, Steve
  8. Post some ballads

    Phil Collins definitely belongs here, so many great ballads... http://youtu.be/IeDMnyQzS88 http://youtu.be/-OiV_5kEt6A (This one has the most oddly hilarious set up in the music video) http://youtu.be/YcY3FH208l8 http://youtu.be/_f7WyUnf_A8
  9. To all of you who are based in Melbourne: My six piece groove collective, Spiral, will be travelling over from NZ to perform three shows this week at Bella Union (on the corner of Lygon St & Victoria St) this Thursday 27th, Friday 28th & Saturday 29th from 10:30pm-1:30am. http://www.bellaunio...date=2012-09-27 FREE entry. Bring your friends, come and hear some music and say hi, I'm Steve and I'll be playing the drums. https://www.facebook.com/spiralnz http://spiralnz.bandcamp.com/ Peace.

    Hey again drummers and anyone else who might follow the thread. NEWS To any of you who are based in Melbourne, my six piece groove collective, Spiral, will be coming over from NZ to perform three shows this week at Bella Union on Thursday 27th, Friday 28th & Saturday 29th from 10:30pm. FREE entry. (If you can make it, come and say hi, I'm Steve and of course, I'll be on the drums!) http://www.bellaunion.com.au/calendar/index.php?date=2012-09-27 http://spiralnz.bandcamp.com/

    Very nice. It is difficult to relax and just lay down time in a jam situation so I definitely admire your restraint. I do like your playing although I'm guessing this situation is most likely not even close to the best example of it. You've got a great balance in volume/touch between kick/snare and hats.
  12. My Band's EP FREE D/L (during May 2012)

    Hi there, SPIRAL, a six piece upbeat-groove-collective I am a member of, is offering our debut, 5 track EP Songomantis, for FREE download during May. Please support us and get to it here.... http://spiralnz.bandcamp.com/ It'll sit nicely/awkwardly in your music library somewhere near Sepultura, Skrillex, Slipknot, Snoop Dogg, Soundgarden, Spandau Ballet, Spinal Tap & Stevie Wonder. Thanks for checking it out, Peace... https://www.facebook.com/spiralnz Shameless self promotion ends here.
  13. My Band's EP FREE D/L (during May 2012)

    My humblest and sincerest thanks to all who checked out the band. (The free download period is over and the EP is still available but back to something around $5AUD.) Stay cool.

    I like the new kit Spazo, can't wait to hear it! Yeah, i know DIG and it's really very kind of you to say Spiral might have a similar vibe. Which brings me to say..... The Spiral EP is available as a FREE download for the month of May!!! http://spiralnz.bandcamp.com/ Get to it ladies and gentlemen! It'll sit nicely/awkwardly in your iTunes library somewhere near Sepultura, Skrillex, Slipknot, Snoop Dogg, Soundgarden and Stevie Wonder. Stay cool. Shameless self promotion ends here.

    What's up?! I haven't been here in an age, what was I thinking, there must be something wrong with me?.... But I have been doing a bunch of music things in the last half year so I thought I might be bold and jump back in... Towards the end of last year I was asked to join a group called Spiral; a six piece groove collective/ feel-good-mash-up of many styles that is proving to be great fun to play with.... We've recently done an EP which can be found here... http://spiralnz.bandcamp.com Here's the very end of a drum solo at a gig during the Nelson Jazz Festival in January; http://youtu.be/LbLJdDaBWDM Here's a full original Spiral track from a gig a couple weekends back; http://youtu.be/QZNHZd7ae6g Any feedback is welcome, my apologies that it ain't hardcore by any stretch of the imagination but I'm not that type of player in the slightest. Nice going on the new band Spazo. Looking forward to hearing a little something of what the group sounds like..
  16. MODIFIED JZX100 s2

    That's a very sweet Chaser! Huge props on the build thus far. I'm always curious to know how severe was the guard work to fit those rims and did you have any clearance issues? What tyre sizes are you running front and rear and do you know how much camber you're running?
  17. My S15 Build - Vertex Ridge

    It's absolutely stunning. Don't change a thing.

    Clip entitled 'This Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItZyaOlrb7E
  19. Amazing Muso's .

    Brian Blade - i think his drumming and songwriting possess real soul. Sometimes it's more about the notes you don't play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvQ-ZQzDCAg Deep funky groove... Jamiroquai - Runaway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeWmMfb4EAY
  20. Nismo v ORC v Exedy Clutch Kits

    Hawker, is it really that bad? Can you give any more insight? From what i understand all the Super Coppermix clutches are supposed to be suitable for daily driving regardless of whether they are single or twin plate with none of the shuddering you get from 6-puk types. The only drawback i've consistently heard of is a particular harmonic or noise when gear 'X' & revs 'X' match at some cruising speeds or on deceleration. I've gotta say this topic of clutch choice confuses me no end. My 180sx is currently parked because the clutch (unsure what it is...) is slipping in every gear and needs to be replaced. ORC 409ds? OS Giken Super Single or Nismo Super Coppermix?

    Emperors on top / Ambassadors on bottom is a great choice. In my experiences with this combo the only drawback i found was when matched with the thin shells on my Pearl Masters MMX the Coated Emperors sounded far too dry (and i like a dry tone. Go figure...) but the Clear Emperors sounded great. They are quite bright or 'pingy' when you first put them on but after a short time you end up with a big, punchy, full sound.
  22. Watch Formula Drift Live - April 9/10 USA!

    I'm just thankful to be able to watch some competitive drift again. There's no D1NZ happening until much later this year so to be able to tune in to Formula D via a live stream is great. I hope Mad Mike gets his RX8 sorted quickly as it'll be hard enough just qualifying for the top 32, let alone winning against their top drivers. Every country runs their comps so differently, it does take a lil getting used to when you first sit down and watch. I gotta say, like a few of you have already, i do agree with their ruling on entries, it seems to minimise the huge power difference between some of the cars and keep the runs a lot closer which is better to watch. ..... and as for the styling of the cars..... you get a few hot cars, the majority of them are average with some real eyesores thrown in to the mix in practically every drift comp so it's not really not an issue (for me.) Muscle car style and race/performance style have so little in common with true drift style you're not even comparing apples with apples when it comes down to appearance in Formula D.
  23. New Koya Wheels - CR TEK?

    The Koya's don't look too bad..............BUT............ My issue with these cheaper wheel manufacturers is not so much to do with their (questionable) quality, it's their shameless ripping of other companies designs. That is pretty low. If you like them and wish to put them on your car, go ahead i'm not gonna make further comment, but like a few people have already suggested why not save up a few hundred more and buy the genuine Work article which is available in more sizes and colours. (Schift, those pics you added are impressive.)

    You really can't go wrong with either of those can you? It's definitely a choice that's down to which one feels better.