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  1. Hey guys..

    Hey Guys, I've been thinking for a while of possibly writing an article (whether it gets run or not is another issue) And i'm not sure whether people have attempted to go down this path before hand, but i was hoping to write an article that shon a positive light on the import car scene, and hopefully try and get it run in a newspaper or something (i understand the possibility of this is slim to none, as i can pretty much predict that the editor will just laugh at it and bin it) But what are your thoughts? Has it been done before/too much? Should i not bother? Thanks guys Nick
  2. Long time no see...

    Wow, so the NSW section is still going. I can't even remember the last time I posted something in here. Where are all the old members at?
  3. Long time no see...

    Problem was though man I just had nothing but bad luck with it. Bought as a CA, blew up. Not necessarily an issue, but shoved an SR in it...5000km later...spins a bearing. a 4k car, ended up costing me close to 20k, to be stock.
  4. Long time no see...

    Took me a little bit to remember that I posted here haha! I unfortunately had to let my s13 go Too many issues, was just too expensive to maintain! If anyone has a two tone they want to get rid of though, I'm your man
  5. "Monique" the S13

    So, I've finally got myself another silvia, and i'm finally getting around to uploading pics, and telling it's story. Bought it December last year from a member on here. Was just a standard, NA, Auto, CA18. Had 177,000kms on it. Was going to be the perfect daily for me. We looked it over (admittedly, we clearly overlooked a few things which in the end cost me big time), but overall, we were relatively happy. Picked the car up from Chatswood. Got it to Lithgow (an hour a way). Car broke down. Had to get it towed to Bathurst. Took it to get checked out. Somewhere along the way, the plug from the bottom of the radiator had been lost, and in turn cooked 2 cylinders. It was leaking more oil than a siv,and the exhaust manifold had a crack in it. Front struts were gone, tie rods were gone. It was a mess. It then sat, as I considered my next move. Whether I simply swap the CA for another, and use it to save money, so that I could eventually do a conversion, or do I just go for broke and build it now? Found a cheap Blacktop SR with manual box for sale. Bought it. Took it to the shop in Bathurst that was doing the conversion for me. It's taken a few months to get it back, and it's still not completely finished, but it's getting there. So far I've replaced: Radiator (replaced with a quality alloy one) Walbro fuel pump was installed Diff was replaced with a shimmed R200 MCA Blue Series coil overs are being installed custom exhaust being welded in the next week. In the near future, I'm going to be looking at: Respray (bit of rust evident which I'd like to get rid of) HID's New dash (crack in this one) Gate brake upgrade wheels and maybe some clear tail lights. Still tossing up whether to do a 5stud conversion on it The goal for this car is basically just to be a nice, clean street car, with the odd track day here and there. And will definitely be attending some meets! So if you happen to see it, come say hey! Keen on getting back in to the scene and meeting some peeps!
  6. "Monique" the S13

    Thanks man. Probably wont post much on here (might link to JDMST every now and then)...but yeah will keep you updated for sure.
  7. "Monique" the S13

    A few updates... http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread.php?54233-quot-Monique-quot-the-S13
  8. Hey guys, Pretty sure my AAC Valve (or is it ACC?) is gone. Car wont idle when cold. I cant find any for sale though? Can anyone help? Or do we think it's maybe a different issue?
  9. MCA Blue Suspension.

    do a write up once you have installed them, what do you currently have? only seen positive reviews on other cars. Currently rolling on genuine Nissan struts...stock ride height ftl! But yeah for sure once I get them put in, I'll post something here: http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=534070&hl=&fromsearch=1
  10. MCA Blue Suspension.

    Think i paid $1600? Prices are on the website bro
  11. MCA Blue Suspension.

    I've got blue series waiting to be installed on my s13...Dont really care if they're crap (which i'm sure they wont be), but the assistance I've had from Josh all the way through the ordering process in terms of what springs to use, what he would recommend depending on what the car is being used for, what adjustments to make if i want to make any once fitted, how to adjust them etc. The guy has been brilliant.
  12. AAC Valve....Blacktop SR20DET

    In all honesty mate, dunno. As i said not a mechanic, not really familiar with these.. so in all honesty dont really know what to look for...hence why i asked if it could be something else causing my issue.... If you dont want to give me a decent answer man, dont get involved in the thread to start with.
  13. AAC Valve....Blacktop SR20DET

    Yes Blingy I have. But i'm not a mechanic... Just asking peoples thoughts and for a bit of help
  14. AAC Valve....Blacktop SR20DET

    Is it hard to do on these? I've read on RB's it's a real fiddly job...but yeah would rather try and get out of spending the money if i can. Have emailed him though for prices.
  15. AAC Valve....Blacktop SR20DET

    Couldn't see one listed on there?
  16. s13 cold cutting out help?

    On mine (SR20DET), same thing, except wont idle at all when cold, I have to keep my foot on the accelerator till it warms up, then it idles. Cold start valve on mine I believe..
  17. help out a noob =D

    I'm in the same boat so i'd be interested to hear as well... I thought they were just straight swaps (excluding the lines)
  18. Agree with Slippery Gypsy. The guys even arranged for me to be able to pick the parts up on a sunday when they weren't open! Awesome to deal with! Will be going back for clear corner lights for my s13
  19. I bought the crystal s13 lights off these guys...look the goods...I'll see if i can get a pic later
  20. "Monique" the S13

    Mate, its not so much the money...it's just I'm sick of fixing it. I just wanna drive it lol. I've owned the car 6 months...been driven for about a week lol. But yeah I'm looking at putting a T28 on it...as long as that's whats wrong with it
  21. "Monique" the S13

    Ok, So i've pretty much worked out that either the car, or me, are cursed. Did a service on it... Checked the plugs, found oil on the wall of the plug well...told it was valve cover gasket...replaced it..all good (also told could've been sign of turbo failure, but went with the cheapest option as process of elimination). Couldnt get the filter off, took forever to be able to find one of those claw type filter wrenches. Drove me mental. Finally got it off. Everything was good, finished the oil change. Started it. Strange noise on acceleration...thought potentially because it had been starved of oil..didn't go away... Thought possible turbo failure because I had been told before there was shaft play in it, and that that's what the noise sounded like it could be (to best describe it, its a similar noise to when you're reversing - that whining type noise..only when revs increase). Drove it to work this morning, noise went away after driving for a while.. (obviously still going to get the turbo checked as I'm leaving it here at work to have some other stuff done) Turn in to the street work is in, start hearing a clunking noise...yet to put the car on a hoist..but I'll assume CV boot/shaft.... Either way, this car is turning in to more trouble than its worth, given the half job the workshop did on the conversion... But since I last updated, it's had clear tail lights, nismo gear knob, and a genuine gear boot put on it...
  22. McLaren P1... Over 900hp yes please

    Crazy tough. McLaren is always on their game (obviously with the limited cars they build)
  23. Hey guys, I've got an alloy radiator in my S13, and I need to do a coolant flush and replace the hoses/thermostat etc. I've been told for alloy radiators I need a coolant additive such as "Kool It" to avoid corrosion etc? Is this right? Also, any type of coolant ok? Would be looking at Nulon green coolant. My other question is, it currently has red coolant in it. Should I be using a red coolant?
  24. Coolant treatment for alloy radiator?

    Yeah same hey, or European cars....so i was a bit confused about that..
  25. Hey Guys, I've read the tech articles on here, but want peoples opinions.. My S13 has had a blacktop SR conversion (don't know what it's out of, or KM's). Wanting to drop all the fluids out of it. What oils have people had success with/tend to steer clear of? Is 5W 30 grade ok? Do I need to use a specific type of coolant if i have an alloy radiator?