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  1. Hey guys, haven't been on here for a looooong while and I'm asking for something dumb but am chasing a running good to excellent condition CA18DET full motor and 5 speed box if anyone had anything of the sort lying around. Even if they don't have all the parts and someone has bits a pieces it all helps. So obvious things I need include: -Block with everything, manifold, turbo, etc. -Loom -ECU -5 speed Box -Tail shaft I'm located in Western Suburbs of Adelaide so local would be best. Let me know via sms on 0439378198 Alex
  2. O.C.D

    Nah just in the floor, I don't know, kinda feels like being rained on. Plus standing is too much effort at 5:30am so I just get in and sit down haha. But I seriously cannot remember the last time I stood up to take a shower. I thought more people did it but seems like I'm the only one.
  3. O.C.D

    If I go into a house that's not my own, or a restaurant and ask for a glass of water I will ALWAYS blow in the cup before putting water in it. Sitting in the shower is another one, I cannot shower unless I am sitting down, but I'd say that's more of a habit. I also used to count down from 10 before I got out of the shower, and tried to trick myself by starting to turn the faucets off at like 8 or 7, but internally I'd count down mega fast to zero haha. Managed to break that though.
  4. 2000 Nissan Stagea - $9,999

    Make : NISSAN STAGEA Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $9,999 Condition : Used FOR SALE: 2000 Nissan Stagea RS4. Silver Exterior with black leather interior. Kept in immaculate condition, frequently washed and vacuumed both professionally and personally and only filled with Premium 98 fuel and serviced with the best fluids. Mechanically A1 with the last service on the 31/10/2012. Brand new oxygen sensor. Tires at approx 70%. Fully optioned from factory with: Heated leather seats, Twin sun roofs, Steering wheel paddle shift, Tiptronic gear shift, Touch screen air conditioning, Tow bar, Roof racks, Spoiler, Wood grain interior, 16" alloys, Cargo net, Cargo Cover, 12V connection in boot, HID lights, Electric seats, Electric everything else, Factory window tint, very dark but legal! Full Alpine stereo system installed including: Alpine CDA-117E head unit with iPod and iPhone connectivity, Alpine Type-R SPR-17S - 330 Watt - 2-way - component - 6.5" speakers in the front, and Alpine Type-R SPR-69C Hi-End 6 x 9" Coaxial 2-Way Speakers – 300 Watt in the rear. Also has an after market pod filter (Fully legal) and a mongoose alarm system. The car has been absolutely fantastic to me, it has never missed a beat and has never had any issues mechanically. I have ALL previous service reports and all receipts to prove it. Happy to let anyone come test drive or bring mechanic to inspect. Fresh 3 months rego. $10,200 ONO. Only interested in swaps for CHEAP run about along the lines of a corolla or fiesta and cash adjustment. Selling as I am moving over seas. For photos SMS me on 0439378198. The uploader doesn't seem to be working.
  5. World War Z

    Max Brooks, who wrote the book "World War Z", also wrote a book called "The Zombie Survival Guide" (which is jizz worthy IMO), but any way, he details in the book Zombie Survival Guide when writing about their movements that they CAN NOT RUN, they are restricted to a slow walk/ shuffle. So the fact that the zombies in his book world war z and the move is kinda condescending i reckon. My 2 cents..
  6. Disturbing Movies

    I loooooooooove spicy food. I guess this all explains a lot about me haha
  7. Disturbing Movies

    Im pretty sure i watch the uncut version. I got a 139min version? should only go for 104mins or 99mins But Im pretty sure they cut out the new born rape and the sence where he's still raping the chick after cutting her head off. How the **++ do you sit through a whole movie like that ? I must be such a soft cock Call me what you like but there is no way I could watch any thing like that I totally agree with you, I can't understand why people would want to see movies like this. I am totally content going through life without watching movies like these. I can agree with this sentiment, and that is coming from an old school horror movie fan, some genres are just taken way to far into "snuff" territory. There must be something about the psychology of people that actually truly enjoy these kinds of extreme depictions torture that separates them form regular society. Normally the horror genre carries a level of catharsis or a kind of excitement transfer, but perhaps this extreme kind of horror or gore is a symptom of the desensitisation of society as a whole? Link related Understanding the Popular Appeal of Horror Cinema: An Integrated-Interactive Model I love movies like A Serbian Film purely to see if I can sit through something so twisted and demented to really appreciate it for what it is, a movie with imagery and themes that are designed PURELY to stay with you for a long time. Horror films these days come and go and are forgotten within a few months/ years, but movies like Serbian film, Salo, Martyrs etc etc are made purely to shock you and stay with you for as long as possible, which is what every director who makes a movie sets out to do. Only difference being instead of it being a movie like say Star Wars or James Bond which are plot driven and instant classics, these movies are so horrific in nature that they have to stay with you! I don't feel that because I enjoy these movies I have a psychology that separates me from regular society, I just really like how these movies push films boundaries. Look at what the original Psycho movie did back in the day. And the Exorcist. There will always be movies considered "extreme" but I think its only considered that way because of the times it was brought out in. Movies will continue to push the boundaries and will get worse. In closing I completely understand why people wouldn't want to watch movies like this, but to each their own. I just like being shocked/ scared/ and movies to stay with me. Not forget about it the second I leave the cinema. Its kind of like music, some people like R'n'b, some like death metal. Others like pretty much anything. And I'm the latter.
  8. Yeah that mistake number one. Thats exactly my thoughts. Even when my car was "done", I culdn't really enjoy it because every time I'd see a cop I sh!t bricks... To those saying they wouldn't have met the friends they now have, done the things they've done etc, do you not think you'd have done the same had you say, instead of buying that $3000 set of rims, used that money to go over seas? My biggest regret is the amount of travel I could have done with the money I'd spent.
  9. Hey all, I normally hate seeing car related posts in off topic, but I thought I'd chuck this one in because I'm interested to know if you could go back and stop yourself buying an import, would you? I personally wish I had. The amount of time, money and headaches my old Silvia caused me WAY over rided the amount of happiness I got from it. I should have just listened to my folks, kept my cheap little laser and saved for a holiday when i finished school and/or a house, instead of being 23, having a loan, and not much really else to show for it. Let me know your thoughts.
  10. Disturbing Movies

    Im pretty sure i watch the uncut version. I got a 139min version? should only go for 104mins or 99mins But Im pretty sure they cut out the new born rape and the sence where he's still raping the chick after cutting her head off. How the **++ do you sit through a whole movie like that ? I must be such a soft cock Call me what you like but there is no way I could watch any thing like that Call me weird or what ever, but I could easily sit through gory and disturbing movie no matter what it is. But the other day my mate had a Zoo magazine with a big section of "reader injuries", couldn't get past the second page because it grossed me out so much. Also seen the uncut and cut version of Serbian Film, you miss out on so much of the good gore with the cut version. Like the whole BJ choke to death scene is speed over, and the baby rape bit. Really want to see this now. They are both really tame brooooo
  11. Disturbing Movies

    Bookmarked, Thanks for this!
  12. Controversial Topic Thread

    Dead baby jokes? Funny? No Funny. I think they're funny sometimes
  13. Your Top 5 Songs Of All Time

    Slap Slap Pound Up Down Slap - The Death Set Tell 'em - Sleigh Bells Stay Too Long - Plan B Girls Like You - The Naked and Famous Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
  14. Condiments

    It's so delicious - my mouth loved me, shame I can't say the same for the other end lol Looks awesome, gonna have to buy some myself, normal HP sauce is awesome as it is! Makes roast chicken Sunday's f**king awesome! MFW! Although I like the Extra Hot one. I wish they made all of their sauces in bigger bottles, although I did buy a Litre bottle of Nando's Hot sauce at Costco which has kept me well stocked! Shame it was the only type they had though This sounds awesome too, where do you get it? Asian grocers? I've always been in search of a good Sweet & Sour sauce but have never been able to find one. Anyone got any tips? Or a good sweet chilli for wedges? Trident Sweet Chilli goes pretty good but wanna know what other people think! Best sweet chilli sauce by a *I love my mum*ing mile is this bad boy. Chilli Factory funnel web bite!! about $12 a bottle but worth ever dime.
  15. Condiments

    My current sauces/ shakes. I get all my hot sauces from Chile Mojo in Adelaide. Has all the chilli sauces ever!!