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  1. sold

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    turbo setup sold pending payment
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    Hey man the exhaust will definitely be over the legal limit with the silencer not bolted in but will be legal or pretty close to legal with it bolted in. Sorry to say but its sold pending payment.
  4. sold

  5. yeah it works perfect, I just did winter matsuri and it had no issue whatsoever.
  6. Thanks guys for all the positive feedback pmod - the skid was done on a private road and nesta1 was literally there Well I got the car back from Chequered tuning and it made a 327rwkw with 474nm on E85 which I was happy with. It had a little issue with the wastegate spring being a little soft so it was replaced with a stiffer one and all was good Before the tune I was doing some matsuri prep so I heat wrapped my front and dump, turbo lines and some others that are close to the hot side. Trying to do as much preventative maintenance as possible! The last thing left for matsuri is getting a wheel alignment done and making sure I have enough fuel and tyres. Bit of an update too, I ended up selling my Work Meisters as someone randomly offered my money I couldn't really say no to... do miss them Here's how it sits now with the SSR Koenigs 18 x 9 +17 Front and 18 x 10 +22. Just need to put the right sized tyres on the rims as they I bought them from a dude who owned an accord euro and they are really stretched... 205's and 215's
  7. Aeroflow Fuel Rail install

    Hey Alex, I've only got one line coming from the fuel tank. It goes to the fuel filter first (get a cooper one, metal inside rather than paper) with a bit of normal hose then to a proflow adapter from hose to -8an or -6 an. I forgot what size exactly but from there I went to a proflow Y fitting so I could feed either end of the rail. The middle fitting will be your return to your tank, but it needs to go to your for before returning to the tank. A little heads up, use the two smaller fittings provided for either end of the rail. You don't need to use the larger ones unless your running two pumps and lines from the tank to the rail. Good luck with it. Look at my build thread I made yesterday and the last few pics on the first page should help you out with all the fittings you need http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2445312
  8. Aeroflow Fuel Rail install

    well when you have the adapter collars in your hand you will see that with the black lip on there is no way possible for the injector to fit and you will have a leak... last thing you want... Once you take this off the injector, it will be able to seat/fit nicely inside the adapter collar and then when it is bolted down all 4 o-rings will all be squashed and sealing with the pressure from the bolts and you should not have any leaks whatsoever. The 4 o-rings: The adapter collar to manifold Top of injector Bottom of injector Top of injector extension to rail. Don't use this method if it bothers you. Buy the $45 adapters from taarks.
  9. So I thought I'd finally do a write up on my 1996 Midnight Purple 180sx Type-X. I've owned it now for about 3 years and I bought it off a family friend who had had it for about 4 years before me. It came fairly stock when i got it, had a few tasteful mods from someone in japan though and it came with nismo certificates from factory along with all the service books. The nismo certificates were for the clutch and flywheel upgrade, braided lines on the brakes and a bigger slave cylinder. The other mods it had was a Blitz NUR cat back exhaust system, GTR fuel pump, do-luck floor brace, rear cusco strut brace, bilstein front shocks with damper adjustment and shitty king springs in the back. Its come along way from when I got it... I've blown 2 SR's,, one gearbox, one driveshaft and so many other parts its not even funny. But every time something breaks its time to upgrade! These are the mods it has now: Engine: (built by forced motorworx) Apexi Power FC D-Jetro Custom S13.4 Rocker Cover (no need for catch can) Bosch 2000cc Injectors Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator, Proflow gauge Aeroflow Billet Top Feed Rail, Twin Entry Braided Fuel Lines Walbro 460lph E85 Fuel Pump Alloy Radiator JE Pistons Spool Rods Cometic Head Gasket ARP Head Studs ARP Flywheel Bolts Greddy Magnetic Sump Plug BC Valve Springs BC 264 Cams BC Retainers BC Adjustable Cam Gears GKTech Rocker Arm Stoppers Nissan Gasket Kit Nissan Timing Kit Nissan Oil Pump Body Loom Tucked and Rerouted ACL Race Bearing Kit Winged Cast Sump Custom No Holes FMIC Kit (Havoc Fab) Custom Airbox 4" Intake Pipe Block Machining: -chem clean and check -bore and hone -crank grind linish and balance -balance rotating assembly -balance and blueprint pistons and rods -deck blockwith timing cover Head Machining: -chem clean and check -pressure and vac test -resurface head -3 angle valve grind -replace valve stem seals -k line valve guides Turbo and Exhaust: Custom Steam Pipe Manifold (high mount) Turbosmart 44mm External Gate with Screamer Pipe Kinugawa TD06SL2-20G 8cm V-band Braided 3” Custom Dump with Flex Pipe High Flow Cat Blitz NUR Exhaust Driveline: Z32 Gearbox Bell Housing Professionally Machined Engineered To Slide Z32-SR20 Adaptor Plate Engineered To Slide Gearbox Mount NPC clutch rated to 400rwkw NPC Custom 10” Lightened Flywheel ARP Flywheel Bolts Custom Tailshaft Solid Rear Subframe Bushes S14 Lower Control Arms S14 Knuckles S14 Front Brakes with 5 Stud Conversion (will come with R33 front brakes and rotors) R33 Rear Brakes with 5 Stud Conversion R33 Drum Handbrake Assembly with Eagle Adaptor HSD HR Front Coilovers Tanabe Rear Coilovers Reshimmed Diff Adjustable Traction Arms Adjustable Castor Arm Adjustable Rear Camber Arms Adjustable Rear Toe Arms Cusco Front Strut Brace Cusco Rear Strut Brace New Rack Ends New Tie Rods Steering Lock Spacers (both slip in and screw in) New Rack End Boots Body: Factory Midnight Purple LP2 Type X Spoiler Type X Front Bar & Extensions Type X Rear Pods and Valance Type X Side Skirts Type X Extension Front Lip (all factory plastic except front lip) Type X Tail lights Kermit The Frog Under Bonnet Work Meister S13P Custom Metallic Charcoal Centre with Polished Lips: 18 x 9 +6 Front Achilles ATR Sport 18 x 10 +5 Rear Federal RSR SSR Koenig 3 Piece 18 x 9 +17 18 x 10 +22 Interior: Factory Type X Interior Purple Drift Button Apexi EL Hand Controller (for power fc) Cams Spec Half Cage Factory Nissan Quarter Window Inserts (rare as) Kenwood Mp3/USB/AUX Digital Radio The first day I went to pick it up. It had sat here for 2 years unmoved. Got a roady Bought some wheels, thinking they're awseome Mrs got me a seat! Went to the track, did a few skids and learnt a few things. Mate bought a midnight purple type x too Blew the stock SR gearbox so i thought I'd upgrade to a Z32 along with a new clutch while im at it. Ended up going with the ORC 409D single plate. SR v Z32 Nigels conversion kit ETS Bell housing machined, thanks to my dad's work made up some plates for clearance issues in the tunnel Gave it a clean and a paint After much swearing, abuse and sore hands, it was finally in... After a while I blew a motor, and another so I got fed up and decided to get it all forged, it had a TD06 + supporting mods during this period making 249rwkw. painted some stuff on it Lobbed it in there and at some point i bought a cams spec cage. Loaded it up on a trailer for the run in tune at chequered tuning with Trent. Love their car! On the way to the full boost tune and the police pulled me over to say g'day lol Ended up making 307rwkw Upgraded the radiator Went a did a skid At forced motorworx for a check up Went to Neil at Primal Garage to make me up an S13.4 Rocker Cover Had a little boo boo After that I decided to go for the original Type X look and make it a little more aggressive. I went looking for wheels and ended up buying 2 pair and a set. I got a pair of Blitz 03's because i love them and thought I'd run them mismatched with a pair of Work Rezax..... Then a Set of Work Meisters came up for a good price and i couldnt help myself! They were 18 x 9 +5 front and 18 x 10 +6 at the rear...guards needed work now... I really had to refurbish them because the previous owner had already stripped the paint and started on them. I ended up getting the lips polished and going for a charcoal metallic centre. My wheel whoring Mrs cleaning the silicon for me Finished product before torquing it down guards flared and test fitting at home! How she sits now I entered Matsuri this month so i thought I'd do some reliability mods and make sure everythiig is 100% so i dont have any issues at the track. I ended up getting all my intercooler piping redone for the least amount of lag, redone my front and dump pipe, changed my intake to 4" and had an airbox made up. A few months back I also decided to do a little stencil under my bonnet for a laugh. Next week I have a retune booked in for E85, I didn't want any more power out of the car. It already has heaps for what I want to do with it but I thought for reliability, response and it will run cooler so why not do it. I ended up going with the Bosch 2000cc injectors, turbosmart FPR, Aeroflow billet twin entry rail along with a Wallbro 460lph E85 fuel pump. I had never made up braided hose before or made up the plugs for injectors. Wasn't too hard and nothing leaked when i pressurized the rail. Well I'll update my page on friday after the cars back from its E85 tune at Chequered Tuning. Cheers, Bally
  10. Aeroflow Fuel Rail install

    I still used the adapter collars, its just the little plastic black lip above the pintle cap that needs to be removed.
  11. Yeah i went into the power fc settings and went to injector data then theres the figures to play with for each cylinders injector. The left column has injector correction and right has latency. Before anything I called my tuner and asked him about the injector correction just incase i was wrong and i was paranoid about damaging anything. On a power FC you can only go down to 25% correction as the lowest figure. he said it'll be fine to start it, move it round and drive it if need be. E85 throws this figure way out and would change the calculation to like 40% or so because of the injector duty compared to 98. This did mean it will be running a little rich if the percentage is higher, the car started first shot with a not bad idle and a touch of black smoke on the throttle blip but a lot better than i expected. Injector latency was set at 0.20 before with my sard 850cc injectors and i was told to adjust them anywhere between -0.2 to 0.2 to get the idle ok for now as a rough base to play with. I ended up setting it to 0.16 and it idles fine and drives fine. Not boosting it around or anything but its very driveable until my tune this wednesday.
  12. Aeroflow Fuel Rail install

    I didn't just all of a sudden come up with a f**king great solution... i was told to do this from a very reputable workshop in vic who has previously installed them in many SR20's before with no issues at all (not mentioning shop names here). Is it simply removing a plastic cap on a lip... under the cap there is still a lip for the o-ring and it will be squashed upwards by theinjector and downwards by the supplied fitting... Say what you like but there are no leaks or any issues with this method... I dont really care what he does. Buy adapters,buy diffetent rail kit, cuts lips or whatever... i was just trying to help someone else in the same situation i was in.
  13. All good guys. I got it sorted and running! Thanks again for the help!
  14. Well i just went into my power fc settings and i cant go lower than 25%... whats the go here?
  15. Unfortunately i don't have a wide band 02 sensor. I just wanted to get it started and running so i can get it to the tuners. Thanks for all the responses guys