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  1. I just want to know an average price on getting the rear diff seal and diff boots replaced on the MY99 WRX. im selling it and i just want to find out a rough price so i can figure out the final price. Cheers, Aydan
  2. Change spark plugs on ej20 ASAP!

    no i cant remember i used copper iridium plugs but unsure on the heat grading!
  3. Change spark plugs on ej20 ASAP!

    now thats the worst advice ever. mate it is a very simple job all you need is a ratchet you can angle the head on and your sweet done mine heaps of times. if you are in qld pm me and ill show you how to do it the easy way. the hardest part is getting the plug leads on and off.lol nah its all good mate i ended up figuring it out back in feburary haha i just got a breaker bar and a triple jointed elbow and it was pretty straight forward from there. the annoying part was having to remove a few things that were in the way but other than that it was just an awkward spot!!
  4. 570rwhp CA18DET in Australia

    i really wanna seen some pics and videos of this thing! GO CA!!!
  5. Bike Gear

    Check this place out, its got a whole range of stuff you can buy. otherwise dont skimp out on buying expensive stuff, they are expensive for a reason, because they WORK! also dont forget to get boots, you dont want to come off and have the bike land on your foot cause it will most likely crush it! Motorcycle accessories
  6. Where to get a T25 CA turbo from?

    why dont you just bolt up another t2 style turbo. i got a t25 here but it needs a new rear main oil seal. shouldnt be too hard to repair if you wanna take it! PM me if you want it!
  7. Motorbike Decals

    Hey just wondering if there was anyone on here in the brisbane metro area that would be able to help me out with a sticker set and how much it will cost. i need the flame set off a gpx250. cheers
  8. 2wd R1

    wow that would handle really weird i reckon!
  9. slow motion clips from 2009 TT

    thats a good video i really enjoyed that!
  10. CA18de to BIG T

    very nice mate keep us posted!
  11. Ford have dropped 888 Racings Sponsorship

    im a ford supporter but they are f**king idiots for letting go most of their best drivers. The high up executives are paying themselves too much money and not enough cash is going into anything other than their greedy pockets!
  12. dashboad lights went off

    you sure you didnt knock the dimmer switch??
  13. Recomend Good Tuners..

    robs def a good bloke he will look after you, and do good work at the same time!!
  14. CA18DET Oil Feed

    ok right well that wasnt ne help then was it haha
  15. CA18DET Oil Feed

    go down to trade tools or bunnings and get yourself a bolt remover, what it does is thread itself into the bolt with the drill and then it allows you to unscrew it without ruining anything. This is what it looks like, the ones on the right!