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  1. How mean is Regency?

    How is every ones day panning out?
  2. Nice up-grade for AIR

    well i just talked to every single person alive on this planet, and they all said +1! B)
  3. car bodies

    Yeah U - PULL - IT will pick it up. But for really low $$$
  4. Where to buy engine's?

    POV!!!!! defiantly POV!! Or just learn to drive in something shit first.
  5. My MUM got defected!

    Oh well, I guess that's cops for ya.
  6. ummmm?...

    Meh boring.... surly some one could have made up something better...
  7. New girl on the block!

    Hey Softy, How are ya today mate?
  8. New girl on the block!

    Haha Nice...... You at work?
  9. New girl on the block!

    are you racist.. Nah. Some just crack me up though. I have a few good Asian mates
  10. New girl on the block!

    Asians are funny as! :lol: