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  1. diff shims

    any 1 know how much im looking at to got my diff shimmed?? or just worth paying the extra for a 2way? cheers guyth..
  2. FUTURE MUSIC 2010

    above & beyound!!!!!!! yewww this is gonna be nuts!
  3. shayler your a *milkshake*!! ...
  4. agghhhh!!! any 1 no where i can get a drivers seat belt retractor for s14??.. dont want to pay 220 bucks for that shit! let me know
  5. eyyy guys after a s14 carbon filter!! if u have 1 please let me no asap!! cheers! 0400354702
  6. Hey peeeps!! just getting the down low for "we love sounds" this will be a perfect opportunity for those who missed out on future music an other festivals to give this a shot!! still 2 months away but i figure get in early an avoid the hassle.. 2000 tickets have already been sold an a venue hasn't been decided yet due to the amount of tickets already sold... main dj's are voted world no #1 dj ARMAIN VAN BURREN armin 09 ARMAND VAN HELDING LAIDBACK LUKE LONDON ELECTRICITY an more to come!! TICKETS ARE $85 GO UP SAT TO $95 Please contact DALE on 0401656943
  7. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    unlikely... anyway here is a sneak peak of whats awaiting us. wattt theee f**kkk!!! hell yeah!!!!
  8. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    so cloose now!!
  9. poor dude!! rip him an his sr20!!.. know whens enuf!
  10. how much? send me a pic please
  11. nice work dude loos madd!!.. personally id maybe throw a set of super wide workx on an take the wig of.. but still looks mad! good job
  12. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    why water?? lol
  13. what kit is that on the white 14??? looks tuff as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man!
  14. spewing ill be in Ibiza seeing Dj Teisto play live... bahhhh!!
  15. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    WWWOOOOOOO HOOOO!!!! pre drinks at mine!!!!!!!
  16. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    lol i rekin its gonna be at hindmarsh!! or the showgrounds!!
  17. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    venue yet???
  18. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    just a squizzzz
  19. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    call dale.. his numbers on the first post i did he will hook ya up a vip tickets... yeah the vip area is obviously a VIP area it has like bean bags, couches, lill cook out areas and bars n afew other cool things! DEFF WORTH 25 buks!
  20. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    hahahaa!! f**k up jordan! make me sound like a girl iv been told it defendantly wont be at the shores!.... but f**k!! that will be sooo f**kin good if its at hindmarsh stadium!! shyyyitee!!!
  21. ..WE LOVE SOUNDS..09

    vip tix r up 4 sale
  22. that 13's f**kin pig!!! love it!
  23. i have that black sticka-flex shit were my kit was on my car.. does anyone know how to remove this??????? ??????????
  24. ey guys im just after sum stock 33 or s14/15 stockies for the day, just to see the cops... ill shout ya a carton or sum cash an ill cum get them. this would help me out heaps people!! pm or robbie, 0400354702