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  1. The only one available IS the ARC side mount! Very good alot thicker core, 100% bolt on
  2. Also a lesson in production , the most expensive parts are research and development , initial 'tooling' of the machinery and producing a prototype, once this has been achieved successfully , it becomes very cheap to mass-produce the said item. So if 'it cost $100 to make something' then to mass produce 'something' would cost around $6.38c
  3. Some facts about the motor industry In Vic it's illegal to sell a new motor vehicle apart from a commercial with out ESP , vdc,, traction control and 4 air bags, The motor industry is one big penis messuring contest it's about who has the most innovative best looking new design, that can jam in all the nessesities required to be sold in every single market in the world, make the most power , with the least emissions , and the highest safety , sports cars need to have this stuff but also be light and nimble, I'd like to again for the 50th time point out that every other manufacturer has a turbo performance car of some sort that comply's with every single requirement eg vw golf r 188kw 2.0l awd 5 star safety , euro 5 emissions , and 0-100km/hr in 4.8seconds with a price tag of $55,000 a 3yr warranty with unreal brakes and suspension and tyres, mass produced with a huge profit margin for all involved! Now can you fathom Nissan building a 2 door coupe Rwd 2.4l turbo with all that same stuff that could be lighter and do 0-100 in around 6 seconds and meet the world wide requirements for sale in all countries and at a cheaper price e.g $40-45k, and being a Nissan it doesn't have a 10,000$ badge fee
  4. Mate as I said it has to be realistic , I.e something that Nissan would put there name on, it has to be cutting edge and something that will smash the competition for a fraction of the cost, There is know way Nissan or any government in the world would allow the sale of a death trap with no safety features and 20year old technology , that is exactly the same as the car they've banned most people from driving and importing all over the world, also it beads the 4 seats to make it a passenger car for rego an insurance purposes, otherwise just buy a 370z or go buy a vl Calais bro I say NO airbags as standard. Australians can't do any legal modifications due to shitty engineering laws and passing cars with airbags. Traction control just creates legal issues and more money towards something that not many want. its a silvia not an evo. 4 seats. I don't know. how many people actually use all 4 often? the 2 seats in the rear current are so small no average or tall australians can fit in them for anything but a short period of time. SR20VET. Aluminum chassis. Similar design as the S15 but wider track. 2 seats. Front mid engine. at least slightly further back then currently placed. Slightly more space around the front of the car. Design for modifications in mind. Instead of aiming for power since emission laws are too strict. Weight, reliability and the ability to modify should be the main focus. Like the FT86.
  5. List the cars you have owned

    1, 91N14 SSS jap spec white 2, 96 S14 200sx sports white 3, 87 r31 red/black
  6. Spongeboy the sr20 has already been replaced by two more than worthy blocks the mr20de & the mr25de add a T to either and there is your engine!
  7. Good stuff I'm glad to see your all starting to see my vision It's all possible and cost effective , Nissan even have a name for it ( I don't know what it is) but in a nutshell they are designing series of vehicle using common parts inthe chassis so that the front middle and rear of the cars floor plan can be switched between many different types of cars ( obviously the panels on the cars exterior will be different ) but this means cheaper manufacturing costs = more chance of an s16 Silvia being built if you can use different bits from g37/z34/r35 ect ect
  8. ^ obviously a sparky, but good points I'm really not fussed either way I just wanna see some pics and examples
  9. Yeah Kia,vw,Audi ,Mercedes ,skoda, Hyundai ,ford mondeo, hsvs. All have them I do alot of highway driving and even though it's not "original" it still looks good alot of courier vans now are running them and hilux/Navara 's ect and they look good super cheap or someone must have them for sale cheap cox the rubber strip ones look poxy as ! A girl at my work put them on to her 370z and they look cheap but I saw a 350z with some more expensive looking ones they looked awesome , I have seen the odd s15 with them if they spend the money they look pretty good! Don't forget gtr now have them also
  10. Who has done it on a s13/14/15/180? Does it look cheap or classy? I'm all for these in the quest for safer roads (plus they look cool), but alot of people do it soo cheaply and tacky(rice) and 75% of the time looks crap, but if you spend the time and effort with some good planning it could look awesome I just wanna see some good examples of it done on silvia's/180's And even some poxy ones for a laugh wouldn't go astray either.
  11. It needs to be a g37 shell/chassis with 4cly turbs It wouldn't cost much Nissan just need to grow a set and build the thing
  12. It needs to be a g37 shell/chassis with 4cly turbs It wouldn't cost much Nissan just need to grow a set and build the thing

    On my n14 SSS ( my first car) the guy I bought it off chopped the gear stick, one day whilst giving it hell I flat changed 3rd-4th and the bodgy cut stick went strait into 2nd and blew the rockers and bent valves! It was an expensive exersise I quickly learnt from and I NEVER do the bodgy short cut cheep option when I put the "short shifter" in it was like a dream and the gear lever was easy to find when I was being a p plater and racing any and everything!

    Tell me you didn't just cut the gear lever in half? So bodgy , that's not a short shifter it's a shortened shifter, a real short/ quick shifter is longer! And you can buy them on eBay for $50