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    Music - playing, writing, LIVE gigs<br /><br />Cars - drifting :-) <br /><br />And guys who are keen on the above :-p
  1. What are you listening to right now?

    'Be Mine' by Joanne. I love the speaking interlude mid song hahaha.
  2. slow jams

    Oooooo tough one! Would have to say Boys 2 Men 'Doin Just Fine'. Saw them perform it live last year when they toured with KC & Jojo. They've still got it.
  3. DJ's / Muso's: Where do you play?

    Any gig is a good gig, I reckon. Congratulations! As a Saxophonist I mostly do private functions like wedding receptions, 50th birthday parties, and so on and so forth. However, we've been doing a few gigs lately at the, wait for it... Redcliffe RSL. Now that's all class ha ha. It's great to get paid to do what you love, and errr get paid quite well at that. Keep up the good work.
  4. looking for musicians

    Shhhh +1 post count for you ey.... yea Nick umm where abouts you guys jam ? Noooooo Nick and I have already discussed how the music world could do with one more Female frounted, Jazz influenced band. So ner.
  5. Introduce Yourself

    Hey hey girls Name: Briony Nickname: Bri (as in B-ri, not B-ree) and B-Rabbit Where I live: Currently living in Ipswich, Queensland What I do for a living: At the moment, working full time doing blow moulding. Looking into studying Music rather soon. What I drive: On the hunt for an R32 Mods/future plans: I'm looking for one with an RB25, but looks like I'll have to just put one in. Her purpose shall be as a drift car. So just the usual front mount, 2 way, coilovers, blah blah blah. I'm currently getting the whole "oh no, far too much power" shiz, but meh. Dream Car: Hmm, where do I start?! I'll just stick with finding a 32 for now. Interests: The Arts - song writing, playing the sax-a-ma-phone, painting, cars and drifting, family and friends, chilling and having a good time Contact: PM me, or blr_briony@hotmail.com
  6. looking for musicians

    Once again, Sydney tisk tisk. Best wishes with it dude.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    'Bleeding Love' by Leona Lewis - and it's not a good thing. If I hear that song one more time trust me, someone is going to bleed. FYI - Did you know that song was written by Jesse McCartney? Yeah, anyway...
  8. Alright.. time for a bit of a plug.

    Why didn't I think of plugging in here?! Congratulations dude, how exciting for you! Not a bad demo either. I shall vote for you. +1 for supporting Aussie bands. Keep up the good work All the best, Briony.

    Thanks guys. Jum - Almost crushed and burnt pretty bad Your BDO experience was complete. Grinspoon were a let down PEANUT 180 - "Operator Please - please stop making 'music'" - Gold mregres - U SUCK! yes, please update us.

    Big Day out officially kicks off in Australia today, starting here in the Sunshine State at Parklands Stadium on the Gold Coast. I had my name down for that rediculous ballot (clearly it is rediculous because it was of no help to me!), and despite drinking 6 cans of V per day to try to win tickets (ok, slight exaggeration) I still find myself ticketless So before I continue I would like to hold a minutes silence, it's just so unfortunate... I'm not all sour grapes though. If you were fortunate enough to manage tickets, I would love to hear your reports of the next few weeks events (ie. BDO touring state to state). Tell us about your favourite performance. Who were you most interested to see, and did they live up to your expectations? Who surprised you? Favourite crowd moment? Hope you guys stay safe and have fun!
  11. Chillout

    Mmm hmm, what he said.
  12. whos good with thier hands?

    Yeh, what he said. That was rather good advice. Being able to read music is a great skill, but people often forget the importance of ear training. Can come quite in handy. I know what you mean blaq-boi. It's an incredible feeling sitting infront of a piano piano (the baby grand at my local Ellaways music store is tops ). But yeh, very liberating. Oh, and some ladies see guys being "weird muso guys" as a good thing. (ok, not weird), but it could definately work in your favour
  13. Chillout

    sweet cheers ill dl that! hahahaha and.... i dont see how you being a chick has anytthing to do with it really. but great! You're welcome. Hahahaha ... BUY IT Kidding You'll see what it has to do with it. Nah, it's not that chic-ish. Just skip number 16 Hope you like it.
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    Infatuation - Maroon 5 Lovin their new album
  15. Musicians on NS {fast becoming the Muso VS Dj's thread}

    Hmm... I really like that.