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  1. I always would do a revs check on the car using the vin numbers and obviously look for wigns if it had been crashed and repaired. Panel gaps, mismatching paint etc etc
  2. 4.3 diff with a 6 speed

    Thanks for the feedback. Yeh I think 4.3 is too short with 280 kw. Just want a bit more zip down low with the bigger turbo. Cheers
  3. Hi, looking for people who are running a 4.3 diff with there 6 speed gearboxes in a s15. What are your feelings towards the cruising of it and driving on the street with it? Trying to decide on whether I go a 4.1 or 4.3 in my car. Car is a modified daily that occasionally may go to the track. Thanks in advance
  4. GTX3071 comparison .62 to .83

    Id reference compressor maps to compare turbos. It defies physics to wat u are saying.unless ur pushing really high power and boost that ur .63 becomes a restriction. I call bullshit on that dyno graph
  5. Xtream or nismo clutch

    Ive had my Coppermix clutch in my 15 for just about 8 months now and with 290kw its held up like a champ. No slipping nothing. Although that vibration on decel is there but you get over it.
  6. blow compressed air through the guide or as above use a magnetic pick up.just persist until u find it. bit of a risk just starting it and fking ur motor.
  7. yeh just take the sump off and flush it with oil. that's it best bet or if u have a small magnet pick up try that but I'd take the sump off first and go from there.
  8. take the sump off. then the baffle that's where they usually land
  9. i have a disk that u could use. 1 month of use. fair bit of meat left only took out to upgrade to a bigger clutch. pm me if u want more details
  10. Hey, I have a s15 and have a issue with my speedo. Recently replaced my motor with a rebuilt sr20 and now my speedo is stuck at 100km and wont move even when the car is off. It started when we towed the car from my house to a work shop with no motor in it and it was stuck at 40km/h. then when we got the car started ad running it got to 100km/h n now wont move. its starting to get really annoying not knowing what speed im doing. have checked the sensor and that doesnt seem to have even been touched and looked for crimps/shorts in the wire and cant find nothing. Have also used the diagnostic feature on the cluster itself and that doesnt show anything different. any ideas or can someone point me in the right direction. its a stupid problem to have and im stumped on what it could be. thanks in advance
  11. Engine damage

    Im in the middle of the teardown. Got the inlet side taken off and runners 1,2 and 3 all have oil. 1 is drenched in it. Turbo side will be comin off tonite.
  12. Engine damage

    Power fc was scaled to run with bigger injectors. The engine let go under load. Unfortunately i think ive just got bad luck n thers nothin i can do but just move on.
  13. Engine damage

    there u go sir
  14. Engine damage

    Hi fellas, Need some advice I have a s15 with all the bolt on mods. Highmount, 550cc injectors and powerfc plus the usual bolt ons. Anyways after driving around with the mods I decided to go for a bit more power. So I went and bought 850cc injectors had them installed. When it came to tuning had one of the most repoutable sr20 tuners in the country tune it and was suggested to ditch the power fc and use another ecu(name withheld for now). The motor was tuned using the new ecu with good results including better drivability and response and overall just better. The very next day the car turned to shit. Whilst trying to diagnose the issue on what it could be it turns out it had just lost the plot and was playing with my AFR’s randomly. It was sitting at 9.9-10.2afr on idle and leaning out into the 16’s under boost. As soon as this was noticed the car was not driven due to fear of serious engine damage. So I went ahead and plugged up the ecu to a computer to troubleshoot it. It was then found the temp sensor was shooting up and down depending on the load on the car. Like on decel it would sit at saying 120 degrees and under light throttle/cruise it was at only 50 degrees. Thinking it may be a sensor or a short in the wire we traced the wire from ecu through the firewall to the sensor to confirm there was not shorts or possible rubbing through anywhere. There was none. So i thought maybe its the sensor playing up and replaced the sensor with no difference. Now as you can imagine after doing all this and the new ecu being only a day old I was very frustrated in what was happening. So I decided to plug in the power fc to see if it was the ecu and behold it was. Problem just disappeared. Plug the new one back in problem returned. Just to double check and confirm a friend also has purchased the very same computer for another s15. Tried his new ecu on mine and car ran beautifully no issues whatsoever. Now the problem I have after I have plugged the power fc back in the knock levels have gone through the roof and it is picking it up all over the rev range on all sorts of loads including light throttle cruise. It also sounds a little different to what it usually sounds like with a hint of a wrx engine note. Fast forward 2 weeks the ecu was sent back to the company and replaced with another unit which plugged up and car ran good with no problems like the previous unit. Yesterday the motor let go. Spat oil out of the breather majorly and covered engine bay in oil. In the process of tearing it down now and looks like cyclinder 2 has lost compression. Possible broken rings melted piston etc etc along those lines. cylinder 1 and 3 plugs were also dam so prob not ruling them out either from being damaged. Took off the plenum tonite and inlet runner 1,2,3 all covered in oil. Havent taken the turbo side off yet but am expecting them to be wet aswell. Cylinder 4 was dry. Still yet to confirm exact part to faill but that will happen once the motor comes out of the car and heads off the block, but I need advice on what my options are? Can I ask for the company of the new ecu to reimburse me for costs for a new motor or is that not possible even though the cause of the damage is from the ecu being faulty or going faulty. I wouldn’t be doubting the tune because this guy has tuned a lot of sr20’s and is a expert in the new ecu. Any ideas on what I can do. Just to clarify as well the motor had no issues of this kind before it went on the dyno and was compression checked 2 years ago with 155psi across all 4 cylinders and then compression tested on the dyno at 150 psi across all 4 cylinders whilst getting tuned for the new injectors. Motor didn’t have any of the symptoms before the new computer went in. Any ideas? Help? suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  15. Yeh na man im in darwin n yeh finding that out now. Nealry every1 has said the heads gotta come off which i would rather not. As the motor has never been opened and dont wanna have to spend money on gaskets and shit.