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  1. Toilet paper

    Scrunch Doesn't matter Sit Dab Another one in the mix... Do you wipe from front to back, or put your hand between your leg and wipe from back to front? Had a mate that was telling some story about wiping his ass (don't ask) and did the motion of wiping, hand between the legs, wiping from the bung hole through towards the sack. Everyone else listening to this story thought that he would be dragging nard across his nuts every time.
  2. EMS stinger tuners

    I've been out of the scene for a long time, but glen at ESP tuned my EMS dual sport a few years back. Did a good job as far as I could tell.
  3. Gym wankers

    Totally agree with the phone thing. I wouldn't even have my phone on me if I didn't need to listen to music to drown out the sound of people that go to the gym and socialise. Girls are the worst offenders for this. Also people that do cardio and read books or magazines. If I went easy enough on the cardio that I could physically still read, it would not feel like I was exercising at all.
  4. The trick is not to cook the crap out of it. As for putting it in sauce based dishes like pasta sauce or curries, etc. I don't even bother with it- use chicken thigh fillet for these.
  5. Staffies (the dogs, get ready for the countless number of cnts about to defend them because their precious staffy/staffy cross has never hurt a fly) and Muse (the band, just because).
  6. Condiments

    Insert 'not sure if serious' or 'challenge accepted' meme here. The description sounds like he is double daring me to eat it. I'm really digging fish sauce at the moment. I ain't even Asian.
  7. The iPhone Thread

    Two complaints but otherwise happy. the anodizing is wearing off the edges very easily. And it's not happening as a result of accident/abuse, it's just not durable. Secondly the maps are woeful. The old system was better. The google maps trick is still not as good as the old system. Has anyone noticed there are a lot more satellite images that have cloud cover blocking the view of the ground? Search burrill lake for example.
  8. The use of sentences beginning with "That moment when..."
  9. f**king McDonald's. can't stand the shit! Not just because of the food itself, the whole concept of it. The doctor off triple j. Worst arvo dj the j's have had in the last 10 years. Carlton draught. Because this crap is everywhere and it is one of the worst beers. When I see CD sold at around $45 a case and something like coopers pale at the same price I wonder what kind of self respecting person would buy Carlton draught.
  10. Shit I just don't want to post the chicks name up incase it is just a big coincidence. I do realise that the person has never used the phone i'm on now, but I was more after if anyone knew if there could be any link to my old phone by way of it storing my phone number or ISP details for example. then somehow when that person has logged into their account on my old phone, it has linked to the ISP details stored on it and now there are two phones that have those details. Its just too coincidental to not question it. titty poker/hooters, facial piercings, similar location that the titty poker girl came from. Of all people who's name could have come up, why someone in Australia and so close to where the poker girls came from. Also there is a similar like for tattoos that the two chicks share which I didn't mention before but that seems to go hand in hand with the piercings and shit.
  11. Should add that the girl is definitely not one of the poker dealers. But I have been going through all of her friends looking for a familiar face. Profile is fully public. Haha
  12. Replacement phone is my girlfriends mums old iPhone 3. Owned from new.
  13. Ok so, a couple of months ago I was at a bucks party and long story short, I got drunk as hell and misplaced my phone. It was at a mates place so normally if someone had have found it you'd expect I'd get it back. However my mate had one of those lingerie poker dealer set ups come down from sydney and we suspect that one of the dealers might have picked it up and pissed off with it. Unfortunately it had run out of battery so I could not call it the day after to track it down. Here's the freaky thing. Today I was just using google on my replacement phone and i noticed that it was logged in to someone elses gmail account! So i facebook stalked said name, and it is a chick, but not someone I recognise as one of the poker dealers. But they are located in Coffs Harbour. The name is pretty unique too, so they were the only one that came up. It gets even weirder. The facebook page of the chick whose name came up says they work at hooters. Lingerie poker dealers, Hooters, coincidence? Other things also strike me as suss. This girl has facial peircings, one of the poker dealers had facial peircings. Pretty sure it might be worth telling the police but want to see if this is just a weird google glitch before I go dobbing anyone in. Particularly want to know if google is known to show weird logins. Also, I cancelled my old sim card, and barred the IMEI number so not sure what the deal is there. Help!
  14. Sydney Trip

    Had dinner at meat & wine co. in darling harbor when I was there a few weeks ago. Was excellent.
  15. Have to agree with the above. Their reception has so many black spots around Canberra where I live. For the first half of my 20 min trip to work on the bus I have no 3G coverage. And when using the phone in bed i get reception if i lie on my back but if i lie on my right shoulder i get none. Go figure. Will be looking at voda or telstra for my next contract.