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  1. A Current Affair - Hoon driving story NEXT WEEK!

    "and we love high tech efi stuff" word to ya mother
  2. EOI: Mercury Motorsport R32 Drift Car

    And the CTS car will only ever be a 180sx but im sure someone would pay big bucks for it if it was up for sale. Its more about the build quality and weighing it up with what it would cost if you had to build it yourself from scratch. Definately worth the cash for someone with the right mentality and the dosh of course....lol good luck trent Yet the CTS shell would not be worth $25k second hand and beaten straight without that ballistic drivetrain. Hence my point. Once again the CTS car has most of it's money in the drivetrain. Without it, it's just a shell that could easily be replicated. When I say rolling shell, it would include over $12k worth of suspension (not to mention the countless hours of labour), a fully seam welded chassis, the extensive roll cage (paid $8k), the custom dash, seat, harnesses, gauges, bodykit, brakes, wheels etc. It would cost over $40k to do it all. even more motivation for someone to buy this and show what this 32 is damn right capable of. el'choppo'silvio
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    feed me tunes (spor trying his hand at electro) and eddy current suppression ring stuff
  4. low compression in 6th cylinder, rb20, and police associate these cars with hoons, ghey little imperfections i've noticed that piss me off
  5. Drift Damage - The official thread

    haha definatly a kinked 32 now
  6. Worst Soccer Dives EVER!

    hows the guy who keeps running then falls over like he's injured. wot a douche
  7. Drift Damage - The official thread

    ghey rims held up. lol just kidding.........or am i

    fullstop you kidding
  9. bride brix

    bang re-post^ u can get side rails for your brix i think there FG rails, i installed mine in my car today, feel like a pecker now, and thats on the highest setting
  10. disabling odometer

    all re-vamped suspension components in place aswell. it will just be chassis really, anyway forget i said it coz its nothing gonna be tampered with
  11. disabling odometer

    seems like a mission then. bugger it im going to be building a new motor in the future so disabling it wouldnt matter for all you people crying over me wanting to disconnect it
  12. wondering if anyone knows how to disable odometer on r32? cheers
  13. dead space

    played the full version on ps3 at mates place, pretty intense, u log yourself whenever an alien comes around the corner, wicked fun
  14. I need .....

    thats not gear, something else i'd say, and i want some, she's off choppas

    one things for sure. its fruity!