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  1. Price : $450 Condition : Used Hi all As title states I have a set of BS Adrenalin Re001's for sale. They came off a set of wheels I bought recently. The only reason for selling is that I have another set of tyres which I bought previously and am using those. They have about 60-70% tread from what I can remember. They're in great condition. Shoot me your offers $450 ono. Pick up maribyrnong 0411667636 prefer text messages cheers charlie
  2. RWC Help!

    Hi guys, selling my car and in need of a place where they may pass a slighlty loud exhaust for a rwc. had state roads inspect the car and they believe that the only thing i may be knocked back for is the exhaust pls pm me if you know anyone who may be able to help me out. thanks in advance charlie
  3. RWC Help!

    Thanks guys. I have the stock exhaust but it's a pain to change it over. Plus the buyer wants the car as is. I'll see if i can get a silencer off ebay - good idea actually just hope they have one for an ls1.
  4. hey all any chance of chopping the silver wheels over the black on my car? cheers guys charlie edit - sorry didnt see the photochop section havent been on here for a while
  5. Photoshop experts! Monaro wheel chop

    They look quite good on the yellow. It seems as if my black ones look deceivingly larger though, maybe bc they're silver. I just ordered a set anyway. Is his lowered all round?? looks high at the front. Edit - got anymore pics mate???
  6. Photoshop experts! Monaro wheel chop

    Cheers mate appreciated
  7. Hey guys Theres not a lot of discussion in the 350z section but thought id try my luck. Anyone know where i can find a clear or black front bar reflector for an 06-08 model z?? Like the one in the pic Thanks
  8. Photoshop Please

    Hey guy, Might consider a set of Rota wheels as they are the only decent non-Jap wheels that look ok. Want to see how they'd look on my Monaro otherwise I won't bother and just leave my stock wheels on. Any help would be great. Feel free to f**k around with other wheels if you can be bothered. Cheers
  9. Photoshop Please

    Cheers schift. Great work. Well the z handles better. The Monaro has a lot more torque and is easier to live with, even though I drive it only a few times a week. It was a lot easier for me to get power out of; with a full exhaust, OTR CAI and Maf less tune, I'm making 244rwkw (with approx 550nm of torque).
  10. RWC in Vic

    I know this has probably been asked more than a million times. There should probably be a sticky on decent RWC workshops in Vic but there isn't and I don't have the time to search for an hour on this forum. I have a 350Z with a full exhaust, I need a RWC to sell it, not sure if it's a little too loud but I need a place that won't make such a big deal over it. The exhaust will be the only non standard modification once my S-AFC is removed. Any help would be much appreciated, looking for a place preferably in the Western Suburbs. PM me. Cheers Charlie
  11. RWC in Vic

    Cheers guys. The funny thing is a Holden dealership sold it to me with the exhaust, Safc and intake at a drive away price when i bought it.
  12. RWC in Vic

    Yeah already bought it, selling my z and need a RWC asap. Any ideas? Let me know.
  13. RWC in Vic

    At least im not illiterate.
  14. RWC in Vic

    You fool. Do you think that I expect a response to this thread? Only an idiot would reply to this. I have posted it up here so that people who 'know' someone can PM me the details, which is exactly what has happened, hence the lack of replies to the actual thread.
  15. Clear/Black Front Bar Reflectors

    had a look, they seem cheap, plus i think they look like they fit pre 2006 models. Any suggestions on any sponsors on here i may be able to ask? it seems like every one in the US has access to these but cant find any info at all for Australia
  16. forza 3 LATEST NEWS

    Jumped online last night. Hooked on drifting. Add me if you're interested in drifting - charlieSI5. The 1 is a capital "i".
  17. Losing connection to EA server

    Hey guys I cant seem to get online with my fifa 09 on my 360. i can log into xbox live and i get to the stage where i choose my team but then all of a sudden it says ive lost connection to the ea server and tells me to check my ethernet cable connection. Any help??? Cheers
  18. 370z Its here

    Jumped in one, they make noticeably more power up high but during the mid range i couldnt tell the difference. Id say my 350 (with the mods i have) would keep up with it in a straight line. The 370 feels tighter around corners though, its more refined. Wouldnt go out and spend 70k on it but theyd be a good option when they go down a little.
  19. Mods for a 350z

    Just had my car tuned with all of the above mods. 186rwkw. happy with that considering its a 6 making about the same power as a stock holden/ford v8
  20. Soundwave 2010!

    Definitely going.
  21. Tattoo

    Hey guys, Im looking to get some ink very soon. Now ive been looking at different art for a while now, saving what i like. Ive visited Devils Ink in Newport but they want me to bring in images not tattoo art work - which has been very difficult to find. Im also keen on Dynamic tattoo in Swan st. Basically im looking for a place which doesn't base its main theme on japanese art, tribal etc and can produce outstanding work. Moneys not an issue so if you have any highly priced recommendations let me know. Some pics of the style i like are below. Also im thinking of whether or not to go color or b/w. Reason why i dont want to go colour is because it will fade but ive been told that the ink used these days is much better than what it was years ago. Anyway any reasons/opinions welcome. And yes before anyone asks ive used the "search" tool and read up on previous tattoo threads. Cheers
  22. Revival of the hardcore/screamo thread


    I've got my tickets Awesome line up. Cant wait to see Architects. This is probably my 10th Parkway concert haha.
  24. Atreyu & bands like em

    yeah theyre pretty good. get architects - hollow crown. if you like bring me the horizon you should like them.
  25. Emery - The Weak's End

    new album f**king owns all their previous efforts