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  1. HEL lines don't go from master to slave directly, they go from the hardline to slave, just FYI.
  2. Removing spoiler-holes

    Weld them, fibreglass/bog combo will eventually sag and show its age. I ended up buying a boot lid with no holes from factory for $80 and getting it painted by a mate, heaps cheap yo
  3. Low pro trolley jacks

    $429?? That is the same one sold at costco for $160 except the jacking weight is a bit lower - 1.5t. Original jacking weight of the Costco jacks are 1.8t if you peal the stickers off the box however, I think Costco reduce the jacking weight for liability reasons. It's not the same Jack, the costco is a rip-off of that one, it uses cheap aluminium, a crappy pump and the the centre parts is just plate rather than being cast. I would rather pay the extra than have the thing fail and squash my brains. 1. I'd rather get an Omega for $300 instead of that 2. If you have your head crushed from getting under a car supported by any trolley jack, it's your own fault for not having the brains to use jack stands
  4. Low pro trolley jacks

    ^ Not everyone has $600 to spend on a jack that gets minimal use
  5. Low pro trolley jacks

    Keen to get a costco jack if anyone has a membership and is going soon
  6. cusco side intrusion bars

    Through the dash
  7. Import monster

    Yeah go through streeter. Importmonster charges a decent chunk of commission as well as GST, and their postage charges are rounded up.
  8. Trying to get horn working

    I got the shits with trying to hook my nardi up with the horn. It would work for a few weeks then wires would break or get tangled up around the column. Finally flagged that and wired up a horn button on the dash. $2 push-to-create button from jaycar did the trick.
  9. Low pro trolley jacks

    Costco is opening in Sydney at Auburn in July. Group buy? Someone else get membership tho
  10. 180sx front bar help

    Stay type X unless you want to go full kit and big wheels. Mismatched kit with shit offset looks balls
  11. NSW Spotted Thread

    Saw KidDynamite parked near the chatswood cop shop lol Seriously dude paint your kit, looks balls matte

    Cheers mate, but series 1. front end was hiding behind the car in front You've seen it before but she has changed a lot in the past year or so! It seems yours has too
  13. S15 height issue

    What are your hanger bushes like? I got stiff ones while I was in japan (set of 4). The two front bushes pulled the rear of the exhaust up a good 10-15mm and also got rid of any ugly exhaust wobble. Either that or get a custom job done up
  14. Drift/Pig Pipes

    Straight through twins on an SR is ridiculously loud and tractor-like. Wouldn't do it on a daily.