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  1. Hey guys, Anyone have one of these diffs that they want to sell ? Must be a 3.5 ratio LSD with 5-lug bolt pattern for the half shafts. Also an input for the ABS sensor. Please let me know. Cheers!
  2. Looking for a full set of GTR R32 stock wheels in Sydney. 16x8 +30 (bolt pattern: 5x114.3) If anyone is willing to sell please PM or drop me an email with pics. shizayn@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Price : $500 Condition : Used Rims - Front: 18 x 8" Rear: 18 x 9" Unknown offset though they were fitted on a S15 and sit flush with the guards (Guards were not pumped, rears only slightly lipped..) Colour Matte black Tyres - Front: 215/40 R18 - Continental Rear: 265/40 R18 - Bridgestone Potenza Tyres have only been on the car for 1,000 ks If interested call me on 0430 049 457
  4. Hey when I try to access the WTB section I receive the following error: [#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum. Can someone please help me out here! Thanks. Shane.
  5. How to lean mixtures?

    Hey Anf! If your going to touch your air/fuel mixtures, make sure you have a A/F Ratio Meter hooked up so you know exactly whats going on.. If its bottom end tuning, try your best to tap the A/F sensor as close as possible to the turbo, Eg: dump pipe.
  6. Wheel Spacers

    Hey Anf! I agree with Timmy, use the bolt-on ones fo sho! The spacer produces its own stud....
  7. Hey does anyone know how many millimeters should the top/centre of the rim camber inwards, towards the guard to give a reading of -1 Negative camber? Thanks!
  8. Hey is it too late to order a pair of KU36 225/40 R18 ??? Plz quote Total price + Courier to 2067 Also whats your bank account details required aswell Cheers! Shane.
  9. Hey we had a slight delay whilst changing Freight companies sorry , all outstanding went out today tho so on the way . What name are yours under ?? Paul What type of tyre are you wanting - KU?? Paul Hey Paul, I'm after the KU36 Also how flexible are the KU36 side-walls? Reason why im asking is because i want to mount the 225 on a 9" and 235 on 10" Is this possible because I know semi-slick tyres have much stiffer side walls than passenger low profile tyres...
  10. Hey, whats the best total price you can do for me on the following: x2 225/40 R18 x2 235/40 R18 Delivered to Sydney 2067 Cheers! Regards, Shane. Hey, whats the best total price you can do for me on the following: x2 Kuhmo KU36 225/40 R18 x2 Kuhmo KU36 235/40 R18 Delivered to Sydney 2067 Cheers! Regards, Shane.
  11. Are these mirrors available yet in the electric version???
  12. Shit man and your in bris where the cops are lenient and your regulations allow you to tint your front windscreen. you gonna go clear lens now?
  13. do you have one with the brake light on in the same environment?
  14. thanks for the pic! is the brake or parker on?
  15. not sure about the quality of these ones, could be the same as the ones on ebay but I know the Yashio fit really well and dont leak.