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  1. sports car hire melbourne.

    why? get a 370. personally i wouldnt bother. melb people couldnt give 2 farts about a treefiddy. if i was to hire a car it would be audi r8 at the minimum.
  2. mazda MX5, girls or guys car?

    Definatly a tuff car. the 1.8's are the same motor used in mazda familia GTX's/tx3's. parts are easy to get from the us too.
  3. huge crack wtf

    Josh , need teh help with setting up the welder?
  4. my ae86 skid slut

    tough as f**k
  5. Revenge on an enemy

    Take lunchbox from fridge at work. remove lunch/ inner items. Poo in the box , super glue the edges so its a bit hard to open. then they try and try , finally open it with a big Wooosh. f**kit has your shit on his face/hands/lap. and has to clean it up. Worked for me , *milkshake* left my work that day and never came back. biggest piece of shit ever (the bloke)
  6. What wheels should i get?

    rota grid's bro. best wheels money can buy.
  7. Gran Turismo 5

    if it was shit , where wouldn't be a thread about it.
  8. hks evc 6 install

    i got a id3 here , cannot get it to control boost. Absolute hell.
  9. Use Brae, insane work. And dont bother with stainless , waste of money, plus will die quicker than mild.
  10. http://www.planet49.com.au

    Best ever
  11. So, I'm having an emo moment....

    that's a thought i've had way too many times..... i take it you did well in school to get into your civil course in the first place? Na , i did pre shit that gave me enrty. my enter was f**king low , so low i dont even know what it was , never called up and found out hahaha. Enter score doesnt mean shit for the average joe. Only reason i would goto uni is to be a DR or dentist or something f**ked like that. Just party and drink heaps , you will meet someone somewhere that will give you a good job.
  12. So, I'm having an emo moment....

    school gets you nowhere. i did civil for a month , couldnt find a car park , never went back now am a fully qualified boilermaker/welder/fabrication guy, just bought a house and own my 2 cars
  13. top car. Ive been in a c63 and that was great fun , the black would be crazy!
  14. what or who do you believe in?

    im so non religous i wouldnt even class myself as an atheist , so cant be f**ked believing in anything like that. wastes time , when i could be out sliding , drinking or drinking.
  15. Pods look wild:D How wide are those wheels... and what size rubber? Good to see people reppin the s1.
  16. Your latest mod? Whats new?

    i cut it with a solder iron... it cuts as it melts.... i hope thats clear then put the leds in then melted the cuts bits back together... propbabaly reduced my life by about 3 yrs breathing all the plastic fumes...lol it was a bitch to do and i will never do t again... i will just buy a set of led lights next time if that ever happens. most people just put the light in the oven or something , till the sikaflex/glue/silicone shit melts , pull the light apart , do the work , then put it back in the oven and make the shit go sticky , then put it back together.
  17. Turning your turbo off

    seriously , leave it. If you wanna save fuel , buy a diesel golf or something. Gate open all the time sucks , makes it slow and will be aids building boost.
  18. revolving resteraunt ?

    yeah plenty of good shit to do. drink , drink and drink. what are you into?
  19. Anodising a intercooler

    paint it dude , cost you 4-5 dollars max...
  20. Funky Flavour Air Fresheners

    Try caltex ,across from the glen.