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  1. Black Supra

    kleenex, too expensive for me, that is what sleeves are for. We were in a green magna at the time. Time sounds about right. Looks like you cut someone else of aswell. Make sure you drive a bit more sensible and save the spirited driving for the track or atleast wait till there is a lot less traffic I learnt a long time ago that lesson and it would be ashamed if other people have to learn it the same way. So take it easy. It is a good looking car though.
  2. Black Supra

    oh yeh no doubt, but they are a proper sports car, not a family car with a big engine so u can hardly compare the 2. Yep and I am not sure a baby seat would look good in a sports car like the 34 but it would be good to still dream.
  3. Black Supra

    It is good to see there are sensible people on here. And yes, I am old...I was born in the 70's. And I would not mind a 34gtr either, very good, quick car
  4. Black Supra

    This is awsome, I think I stirrd up some shit here, keep em commen. http://www.oz8.org/gallery/GarethSS/bobgen111
  5. Black Supra

    lol your name really does suit you... let me guess... you were goin to the shop to buy some ciggies and goon? funny though dude take a chill pill and get the f**k over it Actually, I was comeing back from the dole office to try and get more money from the government, being from the northern suburbs, then of to get the old bogan mullet haircut. lol Why I did not chase him down, family in the car and I would rather make him look like an idiot plus it would have been too easy with my car.... Because he is on here plus I have a few friends on here and have been here a long time. K thats taking it too far, that puts you in the same boat as him. You have no idea what this guy has done to his supra, not that it matters though cause your VT will catch anything won't it I new that would grab attention. You will be quite surprise what it will catch. let all the flaming begin on me. personally, it does not worry me as it shows how immature people are. I am not turing this into a commo V import bashing thread as quick cars of all makes and models I like.
  6. Black Supra

    Why I did not chase him down, family in the car and I would rather make him look like an idiot plus it would have been too easy with my car.... Because he is on here plus I have a few friends on here and have been here a long time.
  7. Black Supra

    Because I want people to know he is a wanker. hat threats???
  8. Black Supra

    I know I will get flamed for this but the driver of this car, and I know he is on here under the same name as his number plate. Watch how you drive you bloody idiot. You cut me of today in the middle of peak hour while I had the family in the car. My 6month old daughter, 7yo daughter and the missus. I had to slam on the brakes. I will be reporting this to the police as there is a time and place for that stuff. You also cut a few more people of and weaved in and out of traffic like an idiot. If I see you on the road again, well, we will see. NOBODY endangers my family like that.
  9. A.I.R how did it go?

    Mark, people can be a bit one sided and assume the worst because they dont like something. I find it quite funny that people are like that. So are you going to buy it??
  10. Street drift rocks!

    I think he deserves every thing he got. Doing that on the street is just plane stupid.
  11. GT-Autosound's LS1 GenIII R34

    Weak bottom end?????? 6 bolt mains is not a weak bottom end !? yeh weak bottom end, holden had quite a few recalls if i remember correctly when the vt/vx first came out with the genIII there was no recall on "weak bottom ends" on any gen3 model.
  12. 1/4 Mile Times

    I have but i could not stop the tyre from spinning on the rim so I though f/it, i will go full slick.
  13. 1/4 Mile Times

    Thanks. not bad for a clunker. I range from 1.69 - 1.70 launching at about 6000rpm. I can go higher but the clutch really hates it. The tyres a m/t et drag slicks.
  14. 1/4 Mile Times

    I might aswell update, after a cam wasfitted, some tuning and decent tyres, the rattly beast ran a best of 11.905 at 117mph a little while a go. I know there are some doubters so here are some pics and a video of the car. My car is a regular at the drags so the SA people that go will know it. and on the street I run around with a rear window louvre (sp) and hubcaps. http://www.oz8.org/gallery/GarethSS edit. the pics not working, go to fullboost.com.au and pulsarparts.com.au check out the june 5th air meet and other meets
  15. 1/4 Mile Times

    I will try and send you some vids when i work out how to get it from vhs to tape. I will send you a pm with msn addy when i get back from holidays as I am on a very crappy comp up here. To answer some questions by other people; yes it is a gen3 and yes it will do 12's all day and it is very crappy around corners and stopping.