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  1. ok im trying to buy a few adj suspension parts for drift but seeming it hard to find any for a soarer, my question is, what other cars with fit eg. jza80 supra, jzx90/100 chaser?????? cheers Tyson
  2. 350Z/LS1 - For sale/swap

    cant wait to see this thing sliding
  3. Supra dash in 180sx

    havent looked into the door trims but dont think tghey would work as the supra doors are smaller in height. each to there own on liking it, but difference is the big key. Leg room seems fine for me, seems to be plenty in person, and as i said b4 the seat is all the way forward, sorry i havent got a pic with a std seat bolted in i got one, that where the dash came from
  4. Supra dash in 180sx

    hmm well i do have a 2jz sitting in the supra. but atm it staying sr, i havent even got to start the motor since ive built it lol
  5. Supra dash in 180sx

    i would just custom fab std supra guards if i did it, but it just a idea. haha yea the silver will def cop a paint job when its finished. yea i wanted to be different and you see ppl putting s15 dashes in and personally i dont like them, so i got my hands on a supra and thought y not
  6. Supra dash in 180sx

    this is very very true
  7. Supra dash in 180sx

    yea def something different, gonna see about trail fitting a supra front end on maybe???
  8. Supra dash in 180sx

    what i was gonna do was fibreglass the holes up and re cut to fit the 180 cluster, but that could be the way to go
  9. Supra dash in 180sx

    yea will get some more pics up of the progress, i would love to use the supra cluster but think it be to hard to wire up
  10. Supra dash in 180sx

    im about 167cm. that seat is all the way forward as im trial fitting it in my onevia. but there not a great deal of difference in room i dont think. might be abit chunkier.
  11. Supra dash in 180sx

    yea i love the 180 interior, especially when mines been all retrimmed lol, i havent even got to drive the car with it yet haha, the supra dash wont be going in for a few yrs yet, but thought id do something different for when i redo the car
  12. Supra dash in 180sx

    not too long actually ay, everything lines up well, but have to make up your own mounts for it. all i done was cut about 2 to 3 inches out of the passenger end than put the end back on, trimmed the dash where it meets the windscreen as the supra curves alot more than the 180. Still got abit more work to go, abit of fibreglassing yet, going to keep all the nissan buttons and cluster just gonna glass it all up and redrill holes for the new buttons.
  13. dont know if anyone has done this b4, but thought id give it a crack. There nothing like a supra dash wrapping around you. Whats everyones thoughts??
  14. Born To Race

    just finished watching it, really enjoyed it ay. nice to see racing, not like the last F&F!!
  15. pumped street project s13

    plenty of drift spirit there