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  1. Hi guys, just a quick question.... What electrical plug/connectors do I need for EVO 4 510cc injectors as I've purchased 8 for my project? Regards Thomas.
  2. Hi guys, I'm building a budget efi kit for my 351c utilising a Digi 2+ that I've acquired. My question is what independence and size injector will the older style microtech support? I've contacted microtech via Facebook and email with no response. Thanks in advance Thomas.
  3. Wow! I spent about $23000 on mine including purchase price back in 2007.... $2300 for that is amazing! nice 1 fellas
  4. Juz pm'd you loz... Can I change to medium plz? Item No. 2067621,7490401 Cheerz
  5. Cheers loz.... seems to be a lot of confusion on size hope mine fits!
  6. 91 S13 Silvia

    Nice ride dude! wot disco spud are you running .86a/r?
  7. this is what iv tried to achieve by keeping the exterior stock and just focusing on performance eg:GTRS,740's,Z32 afm,HKS cams,Remap,Big brakes,shimmed diff,coil overs at near legal height... iits my daily and iv been pulled over once in three years"touch wood " and that was for to low... but the bloke in blue got the didgy out and took photo's under the bonnet??????
  8. sorry SR20, and they cost about $170 its a smart looking lil unit all you need is the alloy adaptor to go in your top radiator hose $20
  9. Hi evry1 just fitted this unit to the 180 on the weekend and would like to know wat settings i should run? at the moment the thermo is kicking in at 85c "pre programmed setting" and stops when it decreases 8c to 80c but im thinking thats a lil low so wat would you's suggest.... 88c maybe
  10. FMIC kits

    That is correct. It's not like you need to cut the chassis rail but some times the police can get a little upset even with the hole in the battery tray. My brother inlaw owned the main roadworthy centre in Shepparton VIC and as soon as you cut or modify any part of the body,chassis or reo you require an engineers cert.
  11. Clunking noise on idle

    try a comp test first, maybe you fried a piston? my mates r32 had a similar problem but onthe other hand when you booted it, the dipstick would shoot out

    hey bud, iv got a std ecu and i fitted a pair of step 1's 264/264 two weeks ago, its lumpy at idle but it runs ok! just goin to put up with it while driving to my tuner 200k's away