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  1. Desmond regamaster

    I recently bought some regamaster evo's and im looking at getting them refurbished. I haven't had much luck in tracking down the paint code for the standard 'silver' so if anyone has any idea on how I could find out or if anybody knows what it is that would be great. The rega's I got are white so I cant get the place to just paint match them. cheers
  2. Sinergy Motorsports - opinions?

    old thread i know but anyone checked out the silver 32gtr these guys have up for sale? Im from Vic and am potentially interested..
  3. check the rubber things that adjust how high/low the bonnet sits. My bonnet was too low and the latch wasn't releasing it when pulled.
  4. Work Vskf - $2,400

    Price : $2,400 Condition : Used Hey guys, got a set of kf's i was going to put on the s15 but as im selling the car i wont be needing them. 17*9+5 R disk , 18x10+20 O disk Chrome finish They are in excellent condition, lips are gutter rash free apart from some light marks. No imperfections on the faces apart from some slight bubbling on one of the 17's as pictured (no bigger then a 10c piece). 17's are also pretty rare in this size for VSKF's $2400 Pick up Geelong call or text jason on 0401910780
  5. Work Vskf - $2,200

    Price : $2,200 Condition : Good Got a set of Work VSKF's 17*9+5 R Disk (big break clearence) 18x10+20 O Disk (Maximum Dish) Chrome Very Minor marks on a couple lips, Faces are in excellent condition. Centre caps included Willing to post at buyers expence. $2200 Text 0401910780 for pics
  6. I did the same thing. The plastic cap cost like 100 new from nissan.
  7. Oil stains coming from s15

    He said he had stains coming from the bell housing tho?
  8. Oil stains coming from s15

    Why do you say it couldn't be rear main? Reason I ask is because I have the oil stains on the front of my block above the harmonic balancer, assuming that's front mail seal. I just recently noticed some drops on my driveway but they're dropping from inline with the back of the sump n I was worried that's the rear main seal bug I think the rear main seal is further back then there correct?
  9. Oil stains coming from s15

    hey mate, did you end up sorting out the leak? was it the rear main seal?
  10. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 119000 Price : $21,500 Condition : Used 99 S15 Spec R JDM Ive recently made the decision to sell my s15. Ive owned the car for the last year and had no issues with it. Only reason i'm selling is because i'm finally in a position to upgrade to a car i've always wanted.. 34gtr I had the car checked over by State roads inspections and received a comprehensive report attesting the great condition of the car which i'm happy to show any perspective buyer. The car originally had an aftermarket front bar on it that i wasn't a fan of and also had a ducktail spoiler on it that i changed for the aero wing which required the front and rear to be resprayed. Due to the pearl white being so hard to match up and seeing as i was getting a quater of the car resprayed anyway i decided that i might aswell get the whole car resprayed and i went for Mazda paint 34k which is similar but a little brighter then the standard pearl white. I got it done at DT Panels and they did a fantastic job. Ive got before and after pictures to show the car wasnt in any sort of accident. 119,000km's 6 speed manual Optional sunroof Optional JDM sat nav Engine mods AM performance split dump/front pipe Titanium cat back (muffler cut off in favor of stainless straight pipe) High flow cat, Resonator Turbo tech boost controller Blitz SE front mount intercooler ORC 409d Clutch and flywheel kit (installed 5000km's ago) Suspension and handling mods Powered by max coilovers (base height, camber, damper adjustable) Cusco rear camber arms Cusco front and rear strut braces RDA slotted and dimpled brake rotors QFM A1RM brake pads 17x9+18 Desmond Regamaster EVO wheels Project MU wheel nuts Interior mods Yashio factory gear knob Yashio factory gear boot I just renewed the rego so will come with 12 months (AUG 20 2014) Roadworthy will also be supplied depending on the sale price. Im after $21500 with wheels or $20000 without. Also interested in swaps with 34GTR and cash your way ofcourse. call or text Jason on 0401910780 Located Geelong, Victoria.
  11. Would you be keen on a set of regamaster evo's in silver 17x9 +18? They were refurbed so they are immaculate
  12. Price : $2,100 Condition : Good Desmond Regamaster Evo 17x9 +18 Bit of an expression of interest. You all know how rare Evo's are in these sizes but getting abit bored of them on my s15 so looking to either sell or swap them for another set of wheels. I've had the full set professionally refurbished by wheel tech a few months ago. They were fully stripped back and repainted so they're in immaculate condition. I'm after $2100 but ideally id like to swap them for another set of wheels. Has to be jap branded and of similar width and offset. I wouldnt mind 18's and preferably lots of dish or Nismo LMGT4's or te37's. Can either be cash my way or your way or parts of interest added. 0401910780 located geelong
  13. Oil stains coming from s15

    What makes him say it's the rear seal when the oils on the front of the block?
  14. Oil stains coming from s15

    Mines the same, pretty sure it's the front main seal. They tend to weep and the pulleys throw the oil up. Apparently it's very common.
  15. help with s15 handbrake!

    Didu end up sorting this out mate? I did the same thing trying to take my drift button off. I see the level I need to push the bent part around but I'm not quiet sure how to do that?
  16. s15 rpf1 wheels

    This was mine. 18x9.5+18 all round with 225/45's. just cleared the coilover at the front and I couldn't run it any lower as it would hit the spring perch. I'm using pbm coilovers but other coilovers may give you better clearence. The ride was pretty good, It's my daily driver. Guards are rolled and the rear slightly pulled. Didn't have any scrubbing issues but the front sits pretty high. Any lower and you'd have to run heaps of camber. I've since changed to 17x9 +18 wheels and they are a much better fit.
  17. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    What helmut do you use mate?
  18. VC commodore... for the drifties

    For the 345 kit I mean. The 330 states you need 17's minimum
  19. VC commodore... for the drifties

    I was going to ask the same thing, on they're eBay add they state you need minimum 18" rims to fit them? I also have 17" rega's haha!
  20. I've got the blitz and kept the foglights no problem. I did redrill the top bracket to mount the cooler closer to the radiator tho.
  21. Nissan Silvia S15 RB26.... Version 2

    beautiful mate. Whered you source that front lip from?
  22. Desmond regamaster

    I don't like darker looking wheels at all, the original rega silver is pretty much what I'm after. Yeah mate, I had a black adm like 5 or so years ago. Always regretted selling it so had to buy another haha.