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    Solar eclipse as seen from orbit Syndey blanketed by fog this morning:

    This hurts my brain.
  3. Auto vs. Manual

  4. So with the amount of track only cars and drift days at Mallala and now also Tailem Bend, i thought it would be a good idea for us to get up a list of Members who have cars capable of towing and who are willing to help out those without. Aim of this is so members who are looking for someone to tow their car out to Mallala have a list of people who can help them out for some petrol money/entry fee or similar. ======================================================================================================= Contact: - Ross 0421040368 or pm me on here Car: - 92 isuzu MU 2L 4wd 2.8 litre turbo diesel (with lots of tow cable ) Car Trailer: - no trailer, access to one round corner, can hire at your expense Location: - Henley beach till end of month, then moving to hills (ashton/bridgewater) Additional Carrying Capacity: - 4 seater including driver, making three passengers Availability: - Most drift pracs / comps - Most weekends (with at least 2-3 days notice) minus occaisional sat mornings.. applies whilst im building my track car and when not taking it myself, which is a while away,haha. ======================================================================================================= Contact: - Lucas - PM me on here Car: Ford Maverick (4.2 Diesel) Car Trailer: - Can get a hold of one Location: - Western Suburbs. Additional Carrying Capacity: -Has 7 Seats so can fit quite a few tyres, Not willing to take 5 of your mates up... you and your car only. Availability: -Most Drift Pracs and Weekends, Just pm me and ask
  5. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    He said because my car looked un roadworthy, i asked him to look around and tell me why nobody else had gotten a defect and he just said 'we can't defect them all there's only 2 of us here or we would'. Lodged a complaint today anyhow, officer was rude, wouldn't provide information to me and called me gay. Very unproffesional, people like him are the reason police get themselves a bad name. Couldn't believe some of the rude and offensive things he was saying to me.
  6. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    What a joke. Arrived at the meet spot, pulled into carpark, 2 Bike cops waiting just inside as you pull in to defect your car! Seems we're just helping them meet quota's by providing them cruise location details. IMO they do absolutely nothing to assist in organising a safe, fun cruise, and instead are just using the opportunity to target enthusiasts. WILL NOT be attending another ns.com cruise after last night. For those who were there i was in the black e30 BMW
  7. Get on it: http://www.brakesdirect.com.au/ On the right hand side of the page
  8. Show me your comedians!

    Dave Chappelle, most famous for this skit:
  9. Lets count to 100,000!

    Mazda 929
  10. It depends why i've been pulled over, if i've done nothing wrong and the cop is most likely pulling me over to inspect the car, i'll hop out and try and keep the focus away from my car
  11. DR JOSH a dad!

  12. TFIF - NOTORIOUS (no not biggie :P)

    Wish you were coming That's what she said
  13. Does anyone here work at internode?

    I work here too! Half of internode is on ns.com i swear

    Spotted a white s13 down the bottom of Eagle on the Hill, we were the group of people with huffy sliders
  15. Steve Jobs / Apple Jokes

    An apple a day keeps the doct...oh wait
  16. My friend and i had a deal and if he broke the deal i got to punch him in the face, it happened on the weekend actually! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150470658257818 After reading this news story though i don't think i'd make a bet like that again!
  17. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Spotted Matty T at Adelaide Tyrepower yesterday afternoon
  18. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Can someone explain to me the whole draw thing? I don't understand why everyone seems to want them, why not just put things in the bootspace?
  19. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    I know that exact place, i shat my pants almost rolling the surf there! Dangerous spot