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  1. Make : TOYOTA CELSIOR Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 304000 Price : $6,500 Condition : Used Up For sale is my 1989 Toyota Celsior. 4L V8. I have owned this car for over a year now and just had some major work done on it. The car is now running like a dream, it feels like driving a brand new car and is mechanically sound. This car is one of the First Lexus's ever built, Privately imported from Japan, one of the highest classed cars of its Era. Recent parts I have had replaced on it: - New Alternator - Timing Belt - Cam seals - Crank seal - water pump - rocker cover gaskets - spark plugs - leads - top radiator hose - New radiator - Oils, trans fluid etc. The Car has Pedders adjustable coilovers installed. These are Regency approved and I have an engeneering cretificate in the glove box, allowing this car and this car only to have Pedders coilovers. Message me for more details: 0400/594/280
  2. Hardtuned Cruise 26/10/13

    Yep, that was my last cruise.
  3. Fair bit of info here man! http://driftingsa.com.au Also a Cams Affiliated club if you wanna get involved.
  4. Pull off the entire fitting and have a look
  5. Phone data question

    Using Telstra here to (Probably unrelated). My iPhone used a shitload of data last month for no apparent reason. I deleted a random app that I had downloaded, Data usage this month is back to normal. You haven't downloaded any apps since the changeover?
  6. Create a 4wd/offroad section under Lifestyle. Leaving the one under Tech also, having both.
  7. By the way, the bill was passed in NZ moments after this speech ^
  8. For those that haven't seen this: Voted for.
  9. Unfair dismissal claims. Need advice (SA)

    Get someone to send the owner an anonymous e email with a link to this thread... Also, I know exactly which store you work at haha
  10. Tracks hold legislation that allows cars to race etc. (Source: TC Drifting)
  11. I can see this opening a huge can of worms to be honest.
  12. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/dangerous-driving-laws-for-private-property/story-e6frea83-1226642430738