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  1. 1997 Nissan Skyline - $10,000

    Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 113000 Price : $10,000 Condition : Used Nissan Skyline 1997 Series 2 RB25DET. Build date May/1997 Skyline was originally purchased from Synergy Motorsports a few years ago by previous owner for $17,000 any inspection welcome on the Skyline. Major service was done by previous owner at 96,000kms timing belt,water pump, plugs etc. It now has on the engine 113,000 kms and was serviced 3 weeks ago oil, fuel + oil filter. It has brand new brakes on the rear and plently of brakes on the front. Has had a full wheel allignment recently. MODIFICATIONS *Front Mount Intercooler. *Excedy Organic Heavy Duty Clutch near new (very nice and stiff) *HKS Coilovers Adjustable Height/Damper front and rear. *3" Mandrel bent exhaust with big muffler and high flowed cat.( Heat wrapped from dump to catalic converter). *R32 Wastegate legally set to 10psi. *Standard BOV blocked off for flutter. *HKS Mushroom pod filter with cold air induction. *Nismo radius rods. *Nismo rear upper arms. INTERIOR *Full Sound system Kenwood USB/MP3/WMA/AUX CD palyer, Pioneer 250w speakers in the doors and rear parcel shelf. *Momo sports pedals. *Impulse Gear Knob *Digital Climate Control. *Viper Car Alarm/Imboliser/Keyless entry *Floor Mats front and rear. *SRS Drivers and Passengers Airbags. *Skyline Strutbrace in boot. *Window tint. * Interior is Immaculate Seats,Seatbealts, Dash is in Immaculate condition. EXTERIOR *R33 standard rims with near new tyres. *Gunmetal/Black paint work in Immaculate condition. *HID 6000K Gas Illuminated Headlights. *Skyline rear boot light up symbol. *Factory LSD Diff. *HICAS. I have a few spares to go with the car like Standard R33 side intercooler,RB25DET X6 Standard Coil packs all working, 2 RB25DET Wastegates, Brand new Brakes for the front, 2 tins of paint for the exterior of the car.4 standard springs and struts. Aircon works very well as well as the heater..One of the cleanest R33 Series 2 in South Australia and is owned by a female owner. Genuine reason for sale as I want to buy my first house and need the cash for a deposit. No Fianance owing on the car. $10,000 ONO, URGENT SALE, ALL SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED!!!!!!!! NO SCAMMERS,NO LOWBALLERS, NO DREAMERS.NO TIMEWASTERS ,ALL EMAILS WILL BE IGNORED. 0412947017
  2. hi, im from adelaide have a ssr-x surf 1kzte kzn130 both my engine mounts ae rooted and i cant seem to find any in adelaide im after brand new ones also.. Can anyone help me with getting a pair of engine mounts... Thanks
  3. S13 nismo vents

    haha YES same colour parpish silver on gun metal :-)
  4. sileighty conversion

    i need to find a 180sx shell first then i'll be selling parts off
  5. sileighty conversion

    sweet as cheers guys...got most of the parts already :-)
  6. sileighty conversion

    Got a sorta beaten up silvia and buying a 180 shell so will have all the convo parts
  7. Hey i want to do a sil80 conversion pretty soon and want someone to point me out to a build thread (even a step by step) just incase i get stuck or into trouble. Cheers
  8. Hi I had it checked out the battery is fine alternator is fine charges up fine etc...when i turn the fan on the car the revs still drop but it still holds charge even when turbo timer is on and the thermo fan kicks in the revs drop up and down.. Im starting to fink either earth/ ground wires or a idle control unit when load is put on its not compensating for revs..?????
  9. Hi... I have sss with gtir motor in it.. When i put the lights on and the fan on in the car to 3 the revs drop up and down to 1500rpm to almost stalling and when its in neutral and i put the power windows up it drops revs and when windows are up it goes back to 1500rpm idle... What would be the solution a bigger and higher cranking amp battery or an stronger alternator?????? Thanks guys
  10. s13 bolt on flares yes or no?

    pretty much anywhere, bob jane, beaurepaires, etc. Probably going through wheel works myself
  11. s13 bolt on flares yes or no?

    any got a yahoo auctions japan? Having trouble setting up the wallet section (billing).
  12. superlights 16x10 on s13

    ok ill have a suss on yahoo. Just having a hard time finding a set
  13. hey cheers for everyones help sorry late reply. Ended up taking to THR and they ran on the dyno. The timing was a bit out and some boost lines were going to the wrong places like to the charcoal (not sure why it was done like that)
  14. s13 bolt on flares yes or no?

    Where could i get bolt on flares for my s13? Want to go with 16x10 -12/-26 superlights
  15. Hey guys just wondering 16x10 -12/-26 superlights are possible to put onto an s13. Where could i get bolt on flares for it?? Something like below pic. Any info cheers