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  1. Make : NISSAN PULSAR Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $8,500 Condition : Used 1991 Nissan Pulsar GTIR FORGED Colour: Dark Grey KMS: 186557 VIN: 6D91MPORTTHZ83002 Engine: SR20DET 189KW at the wheels @ 16psi All work completed at Protech Engine just rebuilt and run in serviced Forged Pistons and H beams Stage 2 cams Gt 2871R turbo Bosch 550HP fuel pump New leads New button clutch New Battery Cusco Strut bar Catch Can Pod filter Oil filter relocation kit Electronic Turbo timer Electronic boost controller Motec race computer koni adjustable suspension 15" OZ racing wheels Car is in good condition but needs a good clean, Just came out of the garage form being rebuilt, i already have another car so this is for sale now. Has the original Nissan umbrella that slides into the door jam. Any questions or inspections call Alex 0410 682 253 Located in Plenty, near south morang / mill park / greensborough
  2. Had a tough day with the cameras and training. Then it rained >. It was meant to be a charged photo session but since we had to go and we got issues with the new camera and RAW, all the photos are freebies now. Apologies to Steve Kae and Jap Warehouse. Photos can be viewed : Artist's Touch Photography CLICK HERE We have photos of most cars, if you want full res drop us a msg on fb - Brad just post us a msg on our fb page we have plenty of photos of your fuel tank - The guy in the s13 with the white bonnet buldge..thing.. we got heaps of crazy shots of you *no charge* which clearly was an issue. find us on fb. Cheers, Ron
  3. Photo Battle #22

    i got the best photo for old!!! but im not allowd to use it =.= Fk the government >. im gonna use em for my xmas cards instead ^^
  4. Good Fisheye lens

    Yea, not bad but mine developed fungus inside the lens after 2 years. But, value for $... Fk yea! Only thing is i found that the photos werent the clearest, had to up the contrast in photoshop to bring the vibrance back
  5. Good Fisheye lens

    LMAO, my mere presence here on NS displays the measure of my "tightarseness" im talkin a bit battered $300-$400 second hand mark i'll probably end up doin the ebay thing aswell. Damn... i want (GOOD) fish eye photos!!!
  6. Craving a fisheye lens for the last year. average price is $600-700 for the Nikon or equiv AF. Camera Exchange in Syd dont have any... is there anywhere else to look ?
  7. Photo Battle #22

    LIKE* i have 1, i'll wait till the end incase i come accross a better opportunity
  8. theme 2, shot 1.. SMART! lol havnt used that technique for agess! and theme 1 shot 2, NICE yea whats the deal with selective colouring =.=
  9. pics on the run

    Penang, Malaysia Sandringham Beach, Melb Hetfeild, Tallica. Melb 2010 iPhone 3GS
  10. submitted now to start studying for exams
  11. photos taken, .......sorting and processing =.= almost cbf lol
  12. Hey Siddr20 what was ur 2nd pic 3 of?? the purple thingy? intrigues me!
  13. HDR is the bomb when u can get it right. But i doubt iphone 4 takes 3+ shots at differnt exposures. but the iphone camera isnt that bad! some of my pano landscape shots are mad! inspired for both themes again. y'all gonna laugh XD