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  1. Post your instruments/gear

    good work spazo/ (Y)
  2. Melbourne

    yea i do , happen to be pretty close to you if you ever want a coffee at night gimme a prank..lol
  3. Melbourne

    which backpacker is the city are you staying at? Elizabeth street?

    cant detail the car with the covers on... lol
  5. Hicas light?

    does it light on only when u start turning? or once the engine is started?
  6. HICAS

    power steering fluid ..
  7. Melbourne Shufflers - The Shuffler

    lol do you shuffle shook?
  8. i uses the aux in simply because plug and play
  9. 180sx bomex type 5

    are these from the US?
  10. i cant view the picture...
  11. surprise not much interest for s14
  12. indicator Q!

    lol will bllinking faster give u extra kws? jk lol yea apparently by using wrong type s of bulbs can make the blinker blinks faster lol same here
  13. analog dash and digtal hud?

    need the digital loom and cluster then swap it over... as for just by swapping a analog cluster to a digital wont work correct me if im wrong thanks
  14. Anyone know any good panel beaters?

    DT panels or Primal garage depends where u locate..