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  1. Do we need a music section in OT

    No. We dont need a seperate music section.... It will all be filled with crap music anyway...
  2. SEXPO!

    It just a giant sex shop tbh. They sell porn and dildos and the odd latex shirt. The free shows has some b00bs but that is it. Waste of time really.
  3. Anna Nicole Smith

    i do hope that the people passing judgment on Anna even when you dont know her, people pass judgment on you when your dead, even if they know you or not.
  4. Anna Nicole Smith

    Buch of idiots ITT. Person just died. Bit of respect please. Because you knew her personally, and she impacted on your life in such a way? Grow up please.
  5. Solitaire

    You've got a problem with your Norton btw if you havn't noticed.
  6. Old school beats?

    Standard Black Sabbath beat really pwns all this crap
  7. Things id like to say at work? "Hey (insert female co-workers name here) Skirt up, over the desk sideways please. *never screw the crew though
  8. Get ready for it....................

    Yeah this was worth it....
  9. f**k i feel lame asking this - but i bought a DEH-P4850MP Pioneer headunit today - long story short the lack of manual ment that i dont know how to change the time on the clock - this think will shit me up the wall if its wrong - its my OCD!!!! help on how to do it or link to online manual would be appreciated!
  10. is anyone into metal music?...rock

    Thread needs more Alice in Chains.
  11. is anyone into metal music?...rock

    So much stereotype and ill informed oppinion ITT
  12. is anyone into metal music?...rock

    Trivium are opening for Maiden in England. That'll be a quality show.
  13. is anyone into metal music?...rock

    Soundgarden pwn every band mentioned here btw...
  14. is anyone into metal music?...rock

    Iron Maiden pwns you.