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  1. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    New wheels! Ill just leave these photos here.... Boss mods to calipers to make said Boss wheels fit...
  2. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Quick video from a drift demo a couple of weeks ago. Recently changed a headgasket in the 86 so had to use my old 180sx at round 3 of the Tasmania Drift Series, ended up placing 3rd. Was happy to place so well with such a basic and low powered car
  3. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    If anyone wants one of these RB25 adaptors Contact Jake on Jake@weldlogic.com.au about price. Gearbox is all in and working a treat, got a new tailshaft made up, made a new gearbox x-member, exhaust mount and dog leg shifter to miss the hydro handbrake now it sits further forward in the tunnel.
  4. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Bought a RB25 Adaptor plate to SR20 off Jake at Weld Logic Fabrication, they are an awesome bit of gear. Contact him on jake@weldlogicfabrication.com to buy one, The gearbox was the easiest box I have ever put in (which was a suprise as it was the largest I have put in) as it locates off 6 studs instead of trying to line the input shaft up in the back of the motor. Here are some pictures anyway, tailshaft is still being made as we speak.
  5. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Heres some footage from Round 1 and Round 2 via Scott (Dream Boat) Mitchell and Tim Holmes Productions Round 1: http://vimeo.com/43168572 Round 2: http://vimeo.com/45237051
  6. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Been awhile since last update! A few things have happened. I competed at round 1 of the WIN network Tasmania Drift Series on May 26th at Baskerville raceway. All was going well apart from understeer issues due to old r1rs on the front until.... I broke 3rd gear right before qualifying! I tried to drive with out it but had too much grip from the Federal RSR's I was using (most likely caused the box breakage) So I rushed back in and all my mates and I pulled the box out and had a new one in within 30min. All was good to go until it wouldnt go in gear. Some one had left it in gear when the bellhousings were changed over and the selector fork was jammed! great... Any way I jumped in my old 180sx I hadnt driven for a year and ended up qualifying 7th with no practice and placed 11th on the day after Lloyd Smith beat me in the top 16. I put a new CA18 box in after round 1 and did a Grip Day at Baskerville on the Queens Birthday public holiday. I still hadn't replaced my front r1r's which resulted in facing 90 degress and almost crashing into the armco on the main straight at around 150kmh.... But once i had driven for a solid ten minutes and tyres were sort of warming up I managed a best time of 1.08 which is the fastest I have done. Just recently I also competed at Round 2 of the Win Network Tasmania drift series on June 30 at a very very wet Symmons Plains raceway. I had learned from my near crash grip racing it was a good idea to replace my front R1r's for a fresh set. Seeing as it was raining so bad I used my old pair of fronts on the rear. After a few drift laps they scrubbed up awesome and were once grippy again and I knew I had made the right decision to run them. Running R1r's front and rear, the car felt its best it has in the wet ever. Having no windscreen wipers in the torrential rain meant the bottle of Rain x i had got a raping too.. I layed down 2 pretty anus qualifying laps i felt but managed 3rd qualifier. I had some very tough battles all day but with the grip in the wet and me being comfortable chasing I made it pretty far through the battle tree. Top 32 defeated Martin Croall in his 2JZ s13 Top 16 defeated Josh How in his 4AGTE AE71 Top 8 defeated Jason Baldock in his 255kw RB25 R31 Top 4 got a bit trickier with Micheal truscott taking the win over me in his Kuhmo S13 after I had a small mistake on the Chase run allowing him to pull a gap. Place for 3rd I finally beat Lloyd Smith after him beating me so many times. My proximity on the chase lap was a tiny bit better allowing me to take 3rd. Next time it rains I will definitely be putting R1r's on the rear again And here is the best/funniest photo of me from the whole weekend ha!...busted
  7. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Hah, thanks man Yeah, saw that was surprising soo many people shared it. It was put up on drifted.com, omgdrift.com, driftworks, shock mansion, 7tune and a few others!
  8. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Soooo.... Competed in round 1 of Australian Drifting Grand Prix at Symmons Plains raceway in Tassie. I ended up entering Pro class for the weekend hesitantly but think I went well. I qualified 7th and Finished the weekend 6th. Rain played havoc the whole weekend and tested alot of the pro drivers. I only span once the whole weekend and that was in my top 8 battle against Rob Whyte, I guess i chocked under the pressure.. Anyway heres some pictures Also I just recently got back from Japan, after attending the 2012 Spring Drift Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit! I bought a standard R32 four door off Power Vehicles with just coilovers/ locked diff/ and Bride seat. Had an awesome time drifting 7 days straight. Learnt alot, had a heap of accidents but improved as a driver. Driving with no power or torque has made my technique better aswell. Also this time I did site traveling instead of just drifting and got to see a side of Japan I had not experienced on my last trip to Matsuri. Here's some vid's and pics http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzoqCRbdz00&list=UUHNNR4WfAbQMEGT7s4Kf9sQ&index=1&feature=plcp
  9. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Cheers mate, I'm just really comfortable with the car now, I know what its going to do all the time and what it will do with the slightest steering or throttle inputs. It pretty much drives itself and I just move my hands around a bit to make it look like i'm doing something
  10. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Please check out this video a friend has made and share! He is starting to make drift edits! Also Weighed the car at this event and wet weight is 960kg... Thought it would be a bit lighter but owell..
  11. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Drove the car for the first time with the new motor last weekend at the inaugural Tasmanian Time Attack/ Drift Comp. The new motor loves life, and is a fair bit easier to drive with the midrange torque now. Had no trouble spinning Federal RSR tyres. I ended up placing 3rd in the drift comp and taking out 1st place in race class in Time Attack with fastest street tyre'd time and second fastest time of the day. My fastest lap around Baskerville raceway was a 61.3sec. Would love to get some grippy tyres under it and have a real crack. It is currently stripped and getting a full respray in white again, just to freshen it up and make the new door match for the 2012 series and V8 Supercars at Symmons Plains.
  12. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    When the headgasket is dead and boost is leaking into the coolant and it's overheating, there is a fair amount of pressure in the cooling system. Once the cap is open the pressure can only be expelled out the 3-4mm overflow.. But anyway got it retuned yesterday and made 264.7 on 14.5psi, so the high comp motor is loving the E85 So it made 267 on 24psi with pump 267 on 17psi with E85 264.7 on 14.50psi with E85
  13. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Yeah entering the time attack/ drift comp thing! Hopefully have a good crack at gripping aswell now I have some better brake pads. Is your 180 ready?
  14. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Soooo, after pulling the motor out and stripping it down. It came to the conclusion I was unable to use either the head or block due to the detenation from the fuel problem I had f**ked everything. Even the radiator had bowed from the pressure escaping into the coolant system: So I bought a Naturally Aspirated S14 SR20DE. I changed the cams/ valve springs/ retainers/ and rocker arm stoppers out of my old motor into the DE motor. With the higher compression I am hoping for quicker spool up and more midrange usable power. It is getting tuned by Kucy from PRO AUTOMOTIVE on the coming Tue, So i will update with the outcome. new motor: Seeing the DE block had no outlets tapped for the turbo, I had to tap an oil return and water feed into the side of the block. As I didn't want to pull the motor apart; instead of tapping an oil feed into the block. I got a mate ( Cheers CRAWF!) to weld a dash -4 alloy fitting to my filter relocation block and I extended the braided line to run around the back of the motor to feed the turbo. I also bought a KE70 as a daily/ practice car for some fun.. Which I did this to the clutch with in the first 24hrs of owning it.... its not Nissan tough