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  1. Norton 360 premier

    Get THIS. It's free, works, updates via windows updates and isn't a resource hog.
  2. Swapping graphics cards

    If you're switching between ATI and Nvidia remember to completely rid the system of drivers, otherwise you'll get unusual system issues. Also. I have an 1800MB GTX 275 factory over-clocked just sitting around.. make an offer. (As I'm assuming you don't have top of the line CPU and RAM either...)
  3. COD 7: Black Ops

    Not sure what you are attempting to show off here...? the bullshitness of 3 hitmarkers... You're shooting through a concrete wall, I'm glad it wasn't a 1 shot kill. Was it a hardcore server? If so, be thankful. You should have been dead too. If not, that seemed pretty normal to me..
  4. Macbook pro V alienware

    TougeR34 seems to be the only one that knows what's up... If compatibility is what you need, get a windows based system OR use bootcamp on the mac. Perosnally I think macs are over-priced BUT if the need arose (say, multimedia production and editing) I'd look at getting one. Pretty simple really. Ignore the fan boys, do some research and buy a laptop that meets YOUR needs, not the needs of the masses.
  5. COD 7: Black Ops

    Not sure what you are attempting to show off here...?
  6. Share your online-FPS War Stories

    I occasionally play CS:S when I'm bored of everything else but client side lag pisses me off. So many people have no idea.
  7. COD 7: Black Ops

    Feeling pretty lol about the bitching about campers. If you can set up an effective kill zone, why not do it?
  8. COD 7: Black Ops

    by the looks of it its bounces off everything so just random throw it somewhere, it bounces off a wall, off a bird flying past, autoaims round a wall, off a dog that was takin a shit and then hits someone in the foot as they run past... You must think I'm daft if you think I didn't know that.
  9. COD 7: Black Ops

    I spent a couple hours on saturday attempting to get a random tomahawk kill. I failed. It's not that easy!
  10. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Landed 2 11lb'ers next to the Uni footbridge yesterday. Bit slower then I was expecting.. Both on bread.
  11. COD 7: Black Ops

  12. COD 7: Black Ops

    Interesting. http://bashandslash.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1153&Itemid=131 Bloody console poofs.
  13. COD 7: Black Ops

    I remember playing a military FPS a few years ago with around 140 people in the server..
  14. COD 7: Black Ops

    Found some possible info that may help lag issues in game. Haven't tested them myself yet.. Freezing possible fixes. Disable Steam Cloud sync: Right click on Black Ops Multi in steam games Go Properties -> Updates -> Untick Enable steam cloud sync. Disable Ingame Steam: Steam > Settings > In Game > uncheck “Enable Steam Community In-Game” Lower the CPU Priority on Steam process: open your CTRL, ALT, DELETE and get in Task Manager click the "processes" tab - then click "steam.exe" go down to "set priority" and set to "low". Connection Tweeks, Open your config_mp file in notepad, make a backup if you are unsure!. (D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\call of duty black ops\players) cl_maxpackets 100 snaps 30
  15. Share your online-FPS War Stories

    Another one. Not long after BF2:SF with infantry only came out, I started getting back in to it a lot (clanless, was over that). Played 3 or 4 rounds and my team lost every time. Had a few player changes (guys left the tean, new guys joined) and things suddenly "clicked". Won the round in around 6 or 7 minutes (with even teams).