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  1. BNR 34 GT-R V-Spec

    welcome to the 34r club. Clean 34r! was this for sale a month or two ago for $39000 on carsales? (pictures look very familiar lol) if so you got a bargain! skylinesaustralia for parts FTW The nismo shocks you have are call "G-attack s-tune" shock and spring package. if i recall correctly spring rates are about 6.0k fronts and 6.7k rears. they are also damper adjustable. s-tune
  2. how much are the additional sensors for water temp, oil pressure etc?
  3. zhong, just wondering if u got my pm regarding the two kits i bought of you 2 weeks ago? get back to me as soon as u can pls cheers
  4. heys just wondering if u got my pm?
  5. is that shipping price sent anywhere in aust? im in perth wa... do you take paypal/credit card?? also, that website link, it doesnt list a cl7/9 which is the accord euro. (only the pro spec lists the cl7/9) it only lists a cl1, which is not locally sold here. could you please clarify this? and if its a dual system or single? cheers
  6. compatibility wise, will these melt the plastic/polycarbonate cover of a honda accord euro head light?
  7. how much would an s15 cat back be? also postage to perth 6150 pls??
  8. sweet cheers for that.. yeah my drivers side projector is like angled right, so yeah points to trees...not fun.. hrm..under the bumper heys...crap. lol
  9. yeah i can only move it up and down, with both screws. my hid's car pointing right, i want to centralise it.
  10. heys i cant seem to adjust the angle of my projector headlights on my s15. i can only move them up and down, not left to right. also how to u take off a headlight on a s15 cheers yes i've searched, cant find jack. cheers johan
  11. Zhong, sent u a pm a while ago, just wandering whats my eta for my hid's, it was the lexus is200 ones. cheers
  12. its been a while

    cant believe it , being almost 5 years since we joined up on ns.com! scariest thing is i dont even know where have all those years gone!! it sux how time goes by faster as u get older >_ oh i was one of those ppl who just read and read on the forums..wasnt much of a talker/keyboard warrior
  13. hi, are u 100% sure the hb4 is compatible with lexus is200? also the picture of them, are they the exact brand you are selling? also is it 200 delievered anywhere in australia? (im in perth) cheers
  14. Hi guys, after a search of the forums, i couldnt find anything recent about this topic. Basically, jdm auto s15s can be bought for quite abit less than manuals ones, and i am asking has anyone done a s15 auto to manual conversion. what would i be looking at cost wise (have being told jdm auto s15s go for 3-4k less than manual ones)? is this conversion worth doing on an s15, in terms of is it a hard conversion to get done? finally how different are auto and manual final gear ratios? cheers guys/gals.
  15. Hey there sliding, U got all these parts here in stock ready to deliver in australia, or it comes direct from japan to my door or comes from japan to u, then to my door?, ive got few parts u listed im interested in.. If it comes direct from japan to my door, and gets held up in customs, do u cover the taxes and duties and customs broker to clear them, how does that work as ive ordered parts and got sent direct from japan and got a nasty tax and duty on it on top of that had to pay broker to clear em, im sure most ppl buying parts would not like to be hit extra on top of what they pay? Thanks