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  1. Pendulum LIVE

    Any chance someone could please grab me two tickets and will drop money off asap to them.? any help would be much appreciated... mayb even give ya a 6pack for ya troubles...

    Im there, managed to score tix for $60
  3. NS.COM Pub Crawl

    thats sucks.. hmm can we use that image on page 1 and make up our own..??
  4. NS.COM Pub Crawl

    count me in.. oh and i'll take a top lol...
  5. NS.COM Pub Crawl

    Sounds like its going to be an interesting night? Any idea of what these tops might look like at all.?
  6. A Day At The Beach

    Tiesto's first set sold out in like 90mins, second show sold out too already and third show for the following week goes on sale mon morning apparently...
  7. A Day At The Beach

    I'll be there got my vip sorted also future's then tiesto... cant wait..... then come end of year party on at summer days
  8. Drifters meeting

    I'll come down and say hey provided i can get my car cleared....
  9. Engineering

    Yeah i rang Rory and he also quoted me 250 for my HICAS, now im jus going to call regency and see wat will be passed with a report and what wont be. Dont wanna go spend a few grand getting somthing engineered and then get it refused by regency! Thnks guys for your info! Much appreciated!
  10. Engineering

    Hey all, jus wondering who has had some stuff engineered by someone and where? I need to get my HICAS bar done for regency, does anyone know the cost's of this type of work as i might need to get a few more things done engine wise?
  11. Hey all, i had the lovely experience of going through regency the other day, walking through with one defect and walking out with 16.. So sometime after new years i am looking to borrow the following if possible please. Standard Turbo Standard Engine Intake Standard ECU Standard Plumbing Standard Fuel System and if someone could please suggest a good auto electrician or are one yourself please let me know. if you could txt me on 0434226814 it would be much appreciated. Also cash adjestment/beer wat eva floats your boat i shall organise for the trouble. Thanks.
  12. I just recently brought a car over from sydney to SA. I used Toll. It was $410 delivered to my door. All you need to do is book in your car a day or two before give them a few detials and then just drop it in. When you arrive they inspect the vehicle for damage and you sign for it and wat not. Then 5-6 days later your car will show up! but if you jus want it sent depot to depot its a little cheaper depending where it is coming from. Other than that it couldn be more simple, and since you car will be stock and not modified there will be no hassels.
  13. S.A RIDES

    Name: Kieran Ride: 94 Nissan R33 GTS-T Mods: ALOT Car has made 280rwkw. Current tune is around 265rwkw
  14. Trance Thread

    Check out TranceSA.com they got heaps of trance track listings and all