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  1. Hi Guys, its been a while since ive been on here so dont mind me. Im in need of a White R35 GTR it has to be White for a wedding next year Does anyone on here have one in Adelaide or knows someone who does? Any help would be appreicated!!! Thanks
  2. So who is going this weekend?

    The peoples choice is at the dyno day. The most unique and riding dirty is a choice by Custom Importz crew. Engine bay needing attention has been replaced with the Rota Wheels Raffle.
  3. So who is going this weekend?

    Thanks guys, there is also going to be a raffle to win 50% off any Rota wheels as we are a dealer If your bored on Saturday during the day feel free to swing past between 8:30am to 3pm at Graham west where we are holding a dyno day also
  4. Hey Guys following the link below, everyone is welcomed to attend for a good cause, share it around! https://www.facebook.com/events/366503086755729/?fref=ts Also, we have a Dyno Day for the Cystic Fibrosis too so if anyone is keen to put their car on the dyno at Graham west its $45 RWD $55 AWD please contact me (Kahli Skoljarev or Tommo Bell on facebook to apply) https://www.facebook.com/events/164002333740728/?fref=ts

    It was 4 cops and they all must have a interest in guys cos it was my partner driving the car not me lol Anyways Spotted a midnight blue R33 GTR left hand drive in the islands of PAG, Croatia. As you would know the home of Zrce beach where all the famous beach parties happen

    Saw it on the weekend at Bursons, bronze equips with machine face it looks really, really good. Oh yeah so REAMED me!!! nice exaggeration. Lol fire up why don't you. Im not firing up I just find it hilarious to even write that.

    Oh yeah so REAMED me!!! nice exaggeration.

    Sure did, your 34 is clean as!!! Nice man! Spotted dark blue s13 today twice with an RB in it, had a small chat. Nice wheels sticking out the guards
  9. Luke Broadbent and Justin Codr at Mallala

    Lol ma bad, fixed.. Yeah his thinking about building another drift car or either drag car for broadbent motorsport.
  10. Latest video out, check it out Here we feature Luke Broadbent and Justin Codr with their drift machines at a private track day at in Mallala Raceway!! Check us out: www.facebook.com/customimports www.facebook.com/modelkahliskoljarev http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdq9v0EA6M8
  11. Stolen Vehicles (Discussion)

    Nice way to put all the tips out in public so the jerks who steal can read it....
  12. RB26 Oil Restrictors?

    Oh okay that makes sense now, yeah oil restrictor goes into the gully. Thankyou
  13. Is the JUN oil pump collar drive same as a Tomei oil restrictor??????
  14. 2011 Hardtuned.net Xmas Charity Cruise

    The cops were well behaved, much respect for them to block off Portrush Rd for the whole cruise just so we all could stay together!! Very very impressed